A Voice Within America and Bible Prophecy

Please watch this video till the end, you will be amazed.  Unity, the greatest force in the Universe 

     Freeing your mind means having eyes to see and ears to hear the truth.  It also involves some work in de-programming what one has chosen to accept, believe and follow blindly without truly and fully knowing before or after any interactions, observations, or experiences have arrived in ones own life.  Lightning doesn't always strike the same place twice.

     If you feel your foundations are being shaken during and/or after visiting this website, then your foundations were probably not solid to begin with if even at all.  This is not to be mean, this is a website designed where you will be tested on where you stand in what you have chosen to believe and if it is true or un-true.  There is no harm intended.

     This website has also been designed to guide, expose, proclaim, remind, reveal, and to warn.

     You are about to have a reality check and a wake up call if you decide to go and venture further within.  Not to worry, you can get a rock solid foundation here free of charge.

     The only clear word is the word itself.  I neither bow nor do I kneel to no one on this planet or any one thing made of human hands, such as, for example, symbols and statuary.  After all, we are only human and the symbols and statuary made of human hands are completely lifeless and powerless.  The only kneeling I do is in private prayer and when The Almighty and His Son arrive, that's when I'll kneel.  I would also like to add that there are some of us, if not most  (and I would certainly say more than most) who are put in a position of leadership not by The Almighty God but by men.

     There are those in leadership who have usurped the rights and will of the people both wide out in the open and in secret.  My blood boils as they continue to do such atrocities at the peoples expense.  We (the people) have allowed ourselves to be duped, led astray, robbed, brainwashed, killed and imprisoned.  We have allowed ourselves to follow and believe blindly without considering what may happen in doing so.

     Many of us will continue on in this life without ever waking up.  To them I say wake....up!  To the ones who fear or are living in fear, I say do not fear, not even fear itself.  Freedom has a price even if it means sacrificing one's own life.

     Then there are the rest who are not so willing and would rather let others do it for them.  The latter, I regrettably have to say, are a lazy bunch of cowards with their heads in the sand and would rather be enslaved than wage war on any level; peacefully or with arms in order to regain what we have lost and are slowly losing what little we have left which is our dreams, our rights and our freedom.  There is strength in numbers, let's get it together !

     Truth is like a diamond in its color, clarity, and brilliance.  Unfortunately, too many cloud the truth with error and like the diamond, would have to have the impurities cut or polished away.  Truth, like the diamond, also cuts in order to reveal or to expose.  Truth is also quite clear and is quite the opposite of lies, illusion, fantasy and deception.  Truth sometimes hurts and shatters but need not always be so.  Truth is the light that shines in the darkness.  When one finds truth, tries it, tests it and then holds onto it after it has passed the trial; one can withstand coupled with knowledge and wisdom.  That is the formula for building a solid foundation.

     Those of you who have become as children, who question and explore without fear of retribution, to you I say well done and I strongly urge and encourage you to continue onward and forward in your quest for truth as I myself have done and will continue to do so.  Please be wary of vain philosophies, theologies and the like which is only meant to ensnare and enslave.  There are nuggets of truth out there to form the whole.

     It is ok to educate oneself, be it dark or light, but remember to keep at arms length and not become so engulfed as to lose discernment or yourself within the maze while trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together to form the picture of the whole truth and nothing but the truth for yourselves.

     If, per say, you are on a quest searching for something such as a piece to the puzzle, clues, hints, or peace of mind; I hope I can be of some help or assistance to you in some way.  Whatever the case, whether you find yourself to agree or disagree with what's within, I am most certainly not going to twist your arm to believe anything and I would expect the same of my fellow human beings.  Yet, there are certain others who will probably ignore the previous statement.

     Finally, I leave you with these final words for thought :

     What is happening in the world is supposed to happen, it has been foretold and what has been foretold will happen and there is no stopping what has already been foretold.  What is written isn't self-fulfilled prophecy as others would have one think concerning biblical prophecies and truth.  Of course, you have the choice to believe or not to believe; to regard or not to regard and I'm not going to force you to do anything you would or would not want to do.  It is your decision and your choice, not mine.

     There is no excuse to give in to the evil within the world allowing it to run amuck without doing something to alarm, educate and help those in desperate need as well as ourselves within our own country first and foremost then throughout the world.  For those of us that are willing, we must unite, we must be healthy and strong, we must be of one accord, one voice and one spirit for the better, not for the worse.

     Go to the source for Yahweh El Shaddai is a revealer of secrets full of knowledge, wisdom and truth and in him there is no lie.  One should strive to always keep Him first in one's life and repent whenever necessary if one is not in line with His Will and His Commandments so that one is able to grow, change and live according to His written Word.  Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you.

     Love not the world nor the things in it for Satan is still currently and presently ruling within this present age within the world although he has been stripped of total authority and disgraced publically due to what the Almighty and his Son have done.  In other words, the emperor has no clothes and we believers have the full authority.  Satan's full demise is imminent and truly his time is short.

     May Yahweh El Shaddai bless you and keep you, may Yahweh El Shaddai make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you, and may Yahweh El Shaddai lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

     Of a final note to those of you who think you're so smart, a special quote by me :  " Have you ever closed your eyes and peered into the darkness ? "  JWPJR

     P.S.  Here is a video that was uploaded on You Tube in 2009 that still has much relevance currently.

     Songs :  
                    Through The Never by Metallica
                    Alive in the SuperUnkown by Soundgarden
                    Rusty Cage by Soundgarden

     Movies :
                    They Live by John Carpenter starring Rowdy Roddy Piper  1988

     Game Over.  Check Mate.