My Pedigree :  This is about me and my ancestral line or line of descent.

           My Mom                     My Dad

 Italian Nobility and Royal Welsh Knights

     You are someone special!  I've taken the option of listing my personal background so you can know something about me.  I don't think of myself as being perfect and I don't do this much often in person and would rather stay in the shadows keeping to myself, a wallflower most of the time so to speak, so I guess I'm pretty much tooting my own horn here.

     Those Coates of Arms you see at top are for real and I have copies from the historical society for my Mom's side of the family and will soon have obtained copies from the historical society for my Dad's side of the family.  Defenders of the faith.  The real truth and yes I would be an Italian Celt and not of British descent since my Dad's side of the family is from Caernarvonshire, Wales where the Celtic language is still spoken and the blue stones for stonehenge came from Wales.  Irish and Scottish speak Gaelic.

     To start with, I have gardening, landscaping, carpentry, mechanical and drywall skills I learned from my Grand-dad and my Dad along with cooking skills and interior decorating from Grand-ma and Mom; survival skills from being in the streets and from being in the military; driving skills (I can drive a semi-tractor trailer and I earned a commercial drivers license and was trained at a school certified by the department of transportation) and lastly, the school of hard knocks and self-educating skills which is on going, seems never ending and still an adventure.

     I know what it's like to have sore muscles, bruised and calloused hands, getting up at the crack of dawn, and being so tired I literally would be dragging my behind home and then some.  Everything I earned wasn't for free; I had to work for it.

     About my education.  I graduated from high school with honors.  I had honors courses and not by choice mind you.  I wanted the basic courses so I could skate through high school.  The principle, counselor, and my parents had other plans for me to my utter astonishment.  The courses included higher math such as Algebra and Geometry, Biology, Honors English and Literature, World and State History, Government and Spanish (in which I learned how to use a very important tool), how to recognize and translate a foreign language into the English language correctly along with a dash of Chemistry thrown in.

     I've also had vocational training in Data Processing / Computer Operations.  During my course of education within this field I learned all about computers, computer programming languages, data processing in its various forms along with business math, accounting and typing which was also an elective course I took in high school.  I earned a certificate of vocational education in data processing recognized by the State in which I reside in and also had to register with the U.S. Government due to placing within the top 10 in a state competition.

     I have a college education in the Music and Video Business.  It's a specialized business degree I earned at a very prestigious college in Pittsburgh, Pa., known for having graduates who became popular and not so popular within the arts and entertainment field.  Even though the degree is within the music and video industry, the rules of business and all relevant courses related to business still applied.

     Some of the courses taken are as follows:  Studio Recording, Video Recording, Radio, Broadcast Media, Marketing, Laws of Copyrights and Publications, Promotion, Sales, Advertising, Psychology, Screen-Play Writing, Art Critique (yes, I'm officially an art critic in its various forms), Entrepreneurship, Business Math (ugh! again!) and yes, my old friend the computer only this time with Windows 95 in which I was totally amazed how a computer mainframe was downsized to a desktop.  Back during my vocational training in the early 80's we had the IBM system 34 mainframe.  It was / is much much larger than what is being used by the general populace today but that's another story.

     I also know how to drive a big rig and hauled steel for a living for quite a few years.  The job isn't that lucrative unless you own your own rig so I wouldn't suggest becoming a Truck Driver unless you want to go out and get your own Big Truck.  My path leads elsewhere and it was fine for the time being but had enough of the BS and just making it.  I want more out of life than that and I think anyone on this earth deserves the right to achieve and to have a more than abundant life and for their dreams to become a reality without conforming to social standards or what everyone else is doing let alone do what someone else thinks is best for you.  Only you yourself know what is best.  If you have the desire, go for it and don't look back.

     I'm also an accomplished musician.  Can I read music?  Yes.  Can I read music and play what I read?  Yes and no.  I'm not an accomplished music reader.  I play by ear.  I can write songs and I can also listen to a song and then play it.  This would make me an artist and a composer.  I can also read tab (a form of music writing for the guitar).

     I've been playing guitar for quite some time and have made two albums from two separate bands.  Both are only known among the locals within the region I live while playing within the underground circuit in which I'm quite known.  One of the albums is still quite popular to those I present with a taste for underground music.

     I have also been involved with live sound and lighting and had the pleasure and opportunity to be in the company of big name touring professionals within the music industry such as BB King, Bon Jovi, Chuck Berry, Kenny G, The Blue Man Group, 38 Special, The Fabulous Thunderbirds (Stevie Ray Vaughn's brother), Marshall Tucker, The Outlaws, Donnie Iris, Stevie Nicks, Foreigner, Tim McGraw, Ty Anderson, John Mellencamp, Korn, and ZZ Top.  I have also shared the stage with acts such as Nonpoint, Papa Roach and Mushroomhead just to name a few.  I've got the proof and those who have been with me at these times as a witness, nyah.

     I'm currently thinking about making a third album that would be a musical cd for stress relief / meditation and quite possibly a fourth with fellow musicians in the hard core rock arena.  I also have a special song that I have had on the shelf a bit of awhile for a special someone that will be recorded sometime in the future.  Only time will tell.  In the meantime I just found a lucrative job position that could very well be my calling; but I'll keep that a secret : ))

     Photography is a hobby of mine and I love the fine arts, history, travel, the outdoors and having fun.

     Lastly, I'm an accomplished spiritual warrior and I have a photographic memory.

     Ending with a final note, there is not one single person on this planet that has the right to disqualify me from going forth and achieving my dreams or fulfilling my destiny that I so desire which is not only fated but also written that I so rightfully deserve since I am the one that is behind the wheel.  I make the decisions for my life in what I want and in what I want to do.  No other has the right in doing so other than God Almighty Himself.

     Here is a little bit more about myself if you would like to know.