Announcements :  Posted  April  25,  2017

     Rosh Hoshanah : Jewish new year 5777 began at sundown on October 2, 2016 and ends September 20, 2017.

     Chinese New Year for 2017 is January 28 - Year of the Fire Rooster.

     The owner of this website supports Donald Trump and looks forward to an 8 year term.  Keep up the good work Mr. President.  You are just starting and those of us who support you understand what a mess you inherited.   

     The Don has called the current Pope's comments about his faith disgraceful.  Crowd of Kiawah, S.C. applauds.  The Popes response is weak, befuddled and is unsure if he himself is a pawn.  Pope agrees with Trump that he himself is a politician.
      A note to you Religious Christian voters :  If the Pope has called Donald Trump a Non-Christian for wanting to secure the American borders and build a wall along the American / Mexican border, then the Pope has ultimately declared that all those who want the American borders secured are Non-Christian.  The current Pope has basically called us all Anti-Christ's you nitwits !

     Original photographic art at Pic An Image .  Purchase a picture of your choice and have it framed to hang on your wall, made into a decorative throw pillow, tote bag, t-shirt or shower curtain.  Every purchase includes a money back guarantee !  More pictures to choose from including a website update is planned to be presented to you in the near future.

     For those who visit, I hope you appreciate the changes and updates as I continue to search for more integral and useful information.

New and most recent updates

     This website has been updated in its entirety with added information plus an all new look and surfing experience thanks to an idea given to me by someone special. 
     Thank you for giving me the inspiration :)  Love and miss you !

 Hot off the presses :  Brexit just made prophetical fulfillment a reality.  Read Nebs Dream part 3 for the  most up to date info.

Continuing in the news :

1.  Major and Minor Biblical Prophecies continue to unfold on a daily basis without any sign of slowing down or stopping.

2.  Islamic fascist disease survives, spreading like wildfire worldwide.  Wars in the middle east and worldwide terrorism continues.

3.  "You cannot have peace and a division of our country"  ---  quote by William Tecumseh Sherman

Extra Hot :

     The Blood Moons - Recently updated as of April 2, 2017
     The Final Pope - The beast that was, is not and yet is with two horns like a lamb.
     The Last Generation - A quick simple study of what is a generation and are we living in the time of the last generation.
     The Two Witnesses :  Video study of the two witnesses of revelation located within prophetical studies.

First Ever on the Internet - Absolutely no one has made any discoveries that were made public as mentioned in the following articles :

     1.  Euphrates river is drying up!  The four angels as foretold within the book of revelation !  A Voice Within America is the first ever to make a startling discovery that may relate to the four angels as foretold within the book of revelation.  You'll be in the know and ahead of the game if this proves to be correct.  Articles located within  Bible Prophecy News

     2.  Another first time ever from A Voice Within America.  A final countdown.   Mystery of Seven Thunders  could very well be the explanative before the storm.

     3.  The Devil's Triangle - updated and verified.  Recently updated as of April 2, 2017  First on the scene to have firm conclusions relative to world news and history in the making via cryptic formula.

Red Alert :

     November 27, 2013 :  Former President Obama makes Iran 7th world power

     November 30, 2013 :  Enough enriched uranium in Iran for 4 nuclear weapons

     Read  Rise of the Eight Head and World War 3  and  The Abomination of Desolation  studies for what may come in the near future.

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