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Huge News Announcement :  When they are done investigating Hunter Biden someone might want to look at Nancy Pelosi's Son Paul Jr. at investigate the Pelosi's


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     If you are skeptical and think that I am not telling you the truth, I will be posting a donations page with pictures after my automobile has been prepared for winter and you can always send me an email that isn't automated and receive a personal message form me in response.  Currently I am waiting on a settlement due to me being rear ended at a red light in my car and I have shelter for the time being.  I work but I'm not destitute, I just don't have a home to call my own.  I give you my word, it's all I have left.  Thank you. 


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ACLJ     Battle Hymn     For Veterans     Legal Beagle     Daily Caller     World News Archives     Infowars      Tea Party


     Rosh Hoshanah :  Jewish new year 5780.  The start of the next new year is September 18, 2020.

     Chinese New Year  for 2020 is January 25 - Year of the White Metal Rat and leaving Year of the Earth Pig.


    Trump/Pence 2020  :  The owner of this website supports Donald Trump and looks forward to another 4 year term.  Keep up the great work and stick to your guns Mr. President!  Those of us who support you understand what a mess you inherited along with how screwed up and rotten The Media and Propoganda Matrix actually has become.  A stinking rotten pile that has somehow lost all integrity. I don't think I need to mention the stinking pile that needs to be removed concerning the current representatives in office. 
     For those of you representatives and the news media that use the phrase "the American people demand"; put yourself in check, you don't speak for me, represent my state and I definitely didn't vote for you.  Those of you who are representatives using that phrase need to rephrase that phrase and state "The American People who voted to place me in office ....." aside from what the main stream media also states via "The American People".  Get it right. 

     Former President Obama's Slogan :     "Yes We Can."
     Current President Trump's Slogan :     "Make America Great Again."


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     Decorate your home and accessorize your life with works of art by supporting an artist and musician in need of help. 

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     Refresh any page within your browser that is being visited for any additional information that may have been included.  Any information of huge substantial importance for immediate review will be posted here.  Currently, all is as it should be.


Noteworthy News :

     The Don has called the current Pope's comments about his faith disgraceful.  Crowd of Kiawah, S.C. applauds.  The Popes response is weak, befuddled and is unsure if he himself is a pawn.  Pope agrees with Trump that he himself is a politician.
      A note to you Religious Christian voters :  If the Pope has called Donald Trump a Non-Christian for wanting to secure the American borders and build a wall along the American / Mexican border, then the Pope has ultimately declared that all those who want the American borders secured are Non-Christian.  The current Pope has basically called us all Anti-Christ's you nitwits !

     Brexit just made prophetical fulfillment a reality.  Read Nebs Dream part 3 for the most up to date info.

     On September 25, 2018 President Trump announces fatal blow to the Globalists / New World Order at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.  It is the most empowering speech made by any President stating how the United States of America will never surrender its sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable global bureaucracy that has no legitamcy, jurisdiction or authority nor be taken advantage of nor give in or be held hostage to discredited ideologies.  The war is on! 
     Watch President Trump's speech by clicking on this following link 
Trump at UN General Assembly  or you can choose to read here at now the end begins.


Taking the red pill :

     Here's what is new and not so new :

     Same Bull Different Day.  May the Democrats (and Republicans) along with all public and governmental servants who are doing nothing but collecting a paycheck and undermining our government, constitution and bill of rights be voted out of office totally and fired.  May they be exposed and brought to justice to the fullest extent under the laws of the land with just due penalties and punishment.  No mercy for the wicked since the weary have no rest.

     The Virgin Birth

     Churches are an Abomination


Continuing in the news :

     1.  Major and Minor Prophetic News continues to unfold on a daily basis without any sign of slowing down or stopping.

     2.  Islamic fascist disease survives, spreading like wildfire worldwide.  Wars in the middle east. Worldwide terrorism continues.

     3.  The brainwashing and lies of  The Media and Propoganda Matrix  continues.

     4.  The quiet sneaky silence of tyranny through Fiat and Capitalized Interest.


Extra Hot :

     The Blood Moons  
     The Final Pope : The beast that was, is not and yet is with two horns like a lamb.
     The Last Generation : A quick simple study of what is a generation and are we living in the time of the last generation.
     The Two Witnesses :  Video study of the two witnesses of revelation located within prophetical studies.
     Synopsis of Prophetical Timeline of Events


First Ever on the Internet :  Absolutely no one has made any discoveries that were made public as in the following studies.

     1.  Euphrates river is drying up!  The four angels as foretold within the book of revelation !  A Voice Within America is the first ever to make a startling discovery that may relate to the four angels as foretold within the book of revelation.  You'll be in the know and ahead of the game if this proves to be correct.  Articles located within  Bible Prophecy News Archives

     2.  Another first time ever from A Voice Within America.  A final countdown.   Mystery of Seven Thunders  could very well be the explanative before the storm.

     3.  The Devil's Triangle - First on the scene to have firm conclusions relative to world news and history in the making via cryptic formula.


Red Alert :

     November 27, 2013 :  Former President Obama makes Iran 7th world power

     November 30, 2013 :  Enough enriched uranium in Iran for 4 nuclear weapons

     Read  Rise of the Eight Head and World War 3  and  The Abomination of Desolation  concerning present and future events.


Legal Complaints :

     First Legal Complaint :

     A lawsuit needs to be issued in defense of the general populace and citizens within the United States of America and its governing territories hence known as consumers including other related words and topics directly tied to or related to the word or title of consumer such as customer, be it singular or plural, etc.
     Businesses, organizations, etc. (be it private, social or otherwise, etc.) need to stop the collection, sharing and selling of the consumer's information that is either with or without the consumer's permission due to not being fairly, fully and justly compensated monetarily with legal tender for such information with or without the consumer's knowledge and or permission, etc.; for needless and constant advertising, promotion, marketing, solicitations, etc.; that includes other various forms and types of advertising and or marketing or business tactics (such as memberships, etc.), etc., be it print, electronic or otherwise, etc., being presented either directly or indirectly to the consumer with its use of psychological and sociological tactics, etc.; that adds loss of time, money, stress, aggravation, fatigue, mental anguish; emotional issues such as the urgency and need to feel obligated and other related or unrelated unhealthy health issues, etc.; directly related to the consumer after having been presented within and outside their environment that affects their livelihood (be it private, social or otherwise, etc.) with the use of psychological and sociological tactics which brings in the question and concerns of social and private health standards of the general populace within or outside of their environment (be it private, social, or otherwise, etc.,); un-healthfulness caused by, with and due to needless and constant advertising, promotions, marketing, solicitations, etc.; that includes other various forms and types of advertising and or marketing or business tactics (such as memberships, etc.), etc., be it print, electronic or otherwise, etc., with the use of psychological and sociological tactics, etc., without full and just monetary compensation with legal tender to the consumer and the consumers needs which the consumer is rightfully due full, fair and just compensation with legal tender in regards to the consumers health, privacy and well being within or outside of their environment and to ensure that those who share and or sell the consumer's information willingly (either directly or indirectly, etc.,) be held accountable and fully responsible in compensating the consumer with legal tender fairly and justly in regards to the consumer's health, privacy and well being within or outside of their own personal environment and that the practice of collecting, sharing and or selling the consumer's information for and by needless and constant advertising, promotion, marketing, solicitations, etc.; that includes other various forms and types of advertising and or marketing or business tactics (such as memberships, etc.), etc., be it print, electronic or otherwise, etc., presented to the consumer either directly or indirectly with its use of psychological and sociological tactics, etc.; be it known or unknown, etc., whom also should be fully and justly responsible after having presented to the consumer within or outside their environment is therefore ultimately and entirely stopped ad infinitum.

     Second Legal Complaint :

     Vehicle Insurance laws need to be changed concerning the "victim" and "at fault party"  where the "at fault party" insurance company should provide a car with total insurance coverage to the "victim" if the "victim's" car has been totaled or is in need of repair in an accident caused by the "at fault party" so that the "victim" can transport himself or herself (if able) as needed while at the same time "the victim" can also use the vehicle for working purposes aside from personal use.   THAT IS WHAT HAVING VEHICLE INSURANCE IS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR AND SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN EVERY POLICY WHETHER IT IS JUST LIABLITLY OR FULL COVERAGE !!  Auto insurance companies have been getting away with this type of behavior for far too long where the at fault party insurance will provide a rental (sometimes) but will not cover the cost of insurance coverage for the rental (and good luck in trying to get coverage for the rental on the outside because it isn't going to happen) even though they "the at fault party's insurance company" are the ones responsible for one of their insured's wreckless, careless and uncontrolled behavior.  The victim becomes victim again and at a higher cost before settlement even begins !  Unjust and Unfair.