Awesome Websites

     Below is a categorical list of awesome websites that I find quite useful, helpful and thorough.  It is of much gratitude and the least I can do to list them for the vast resources of material that they hold within their sites.

Online Encyclopedias and Reference :

  1. - another great resource site that fills in the pieces of the puzzle.
  2. - if you can't find it in the above two, you'll find it here.
  3. - reference website for learning how to do it yourself.
  4. - mythology of ancient civilizations.
  5. - folklore and mythology resource guide.
  6.  Pagan sun worship and the Roman Catholic Church - a website dedicated to exposing satanic paganism within religion.
  7.  The International Commission on Nobility and Royalty - concerning worldwide kingdoms in the present day.
  8.  The NASA eclipse site - find out about when solar and lunar eclipses are about to happen with solar system data.
  9.  The Free Dictionary - dictionary and thesaurus website.
10. - another reference website on learning how to do it yourself.
11.  Wise Old Sayings - a cool website with wise old sayings quotes.
12.  Pic An Image - awesome website to purchase digital pictures as wall art.

Search Engines and Video :


Biblical Resources :

  1. - Most thorough biblical reference site on the web.
  2. - Another awesome site concerning the bible.
  3. Recorded history of who, what, when and where of the bible and it's history.
  4. - Site by L. Ray Smith exposing bible contradictions.

Rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem :


     Lastly and most important - A big thank you to all those that are doing their homework and are making it available free of charge to wake those whom are sleeping.  :)