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     A categorical list of awesome websites and links you may find quite useful, helpful and thorough.  It is of much gratitude and the least I can do to provide this information to you which is to a certain extent, free of charge.


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Online Encyclopedias and Reference : - great resource site that fills in the pieces of the puzzle. - old school web browser and search engine still going strong. - reference website for learning how to do it yourself. - mythology of ancient civilizations. - folklore and mythology resource guide.
    Pagan sun worship and the Roman Catholic Church - dedicated to exposing satanic paganism within organized religion.
    The International Commission on Nobility and Royalty - is about kingdoms both historically and presently.
    The NASA eclipse site - find out about when solar and lunar eclipses are about to happen with solar system data.
    The Free Dictionary - dictionary and thesaurus website. - reference website on learning how to do it yourself.
    Wise Old Sayings - cool website with wise old sayings quotes.
    Open Culture - the best free cultural and educational media on the web


Recommended : by Mozilla
    DuckDuckGo - search engine - homepage - social media


The United States Government :

    The United States Congress
    The United States House of Representatives
    The United States Senate
    The United States Department of Defense
    The United States Supreme Court
    The United States White House
    The Library of Congress
    The United States Mint
    The United States Chamber of Commerce
    National Treasures


The Arts :

    The Smithsonian Institution :  Worlds largest museum, education and research complex.
    NEA :  National Endowment for the Arts.


Space Exploration :



Science :

    Popular Science
    AAAS :  American Association for the Advancement of Science
    National Geographic


Spiritual Science References : - Learn signs of nature and how God speaks through his creation.

    Angel Numbers -  God is a master of math and so are his angels !  Learn how they speak through numbers.  You should also know what your numbers are in relation to the Hebrew Calendar, Gregorian Calendar and The Western / Chinese Zodiacs.  To know your numbers is to know yourself on a deeper level.  You have to learn numerology which is a simple technique.  Go to my special features page for clues on how to do numerology.  This is your adventure and I'm just the guide.

    Candle Colors -  Know what the candle colors represent in a positive light and vibration.  I only recommend the knowledge of the colors of the candles presented here and do not fully support other areas of interest at this website since its hocus pocus and will more than likely work on those with weak and feeble minds that are unknowledgeable, unstudied and not very perceptive concerning spirit and the energies of the universe whom are still living in fear and a superstitious world.  If only they would take the time to self educate themselves, but anyhow....

    Candle Burning - Know what it means when your candle burns a certain way.  You should cleanse your candles and candle holders both inside and outside with water that has sea salt and anoint with olive oil.  I also recommend using a wine bottle that has been cleansed and anointed on the outside only with the remaining scent of wine on the inside after the bottle has been finished.

    Empath Guide on Binaural Beats - There is power in music and vibrational tones.  Have a visit at my meditations page.

    Archangel Correspondences -  A Listing of Angels although lacking in certain areas of information.  To really know angels, you'll have to go to more than just one source of information.  This is your start.  There is much studying concerning this topic and I have found relative information, hidden information and also discrepancies concerning angels hence why I look for more clearer information via biblical astronomy, astrology and the lunar calendar. You have to go by your own intuition on this one.  Two other good listings are History of Angels and JoAnne Sacred Scribes All About Angels

    Angel Orbs - This website has information concerning angel orbs, what they are, the colors and meanings.  I thought this would be something to add because I have experienced both the heavenly and evil orb entities before ever coming to knowledge of this.  Once in the early summer of 2003 and just recently in September of 2017. 
      A heavenly angel orb will not ask of anything and an evil demonic orb can not possess you without permission and if you have allowed it to, you have become demon possessed and if they don't have permission to possess, they will vex you, it can be overcome in which it is not a battle but a war.  This is important information that must be addressed for I believe we are now full throttle into some serious spiritual manifestations worldwide.  The search for the explanation of this knowledge and its journey can be found here.

    12 signs your angels are with you -  Learn about some significant indicators that Angels are near.

    Aromas and their meaning - can't figure out where that smell came from ?  This may help you.


News :

    Prophetical News Archives
    World News Archives


Biblical Resources : - Most thorough biblical reference site on the web. - Another awesome site concerning the bible. Recorded history of who, what, when and where of the bible and it's history. - Site by L. Ray Smith exposing bible contradictions.


Rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem :


   A big thank you to all those that are doing their homework and are making it available free of charge to wake those whom are sleeping.