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     Perspectives and views on various biblical topics

     Faith is being sure and positive.  Hope is expectation and anticipation.  Belief is receiving and accepting.  Knowledge is acquired information.  Wisdom is the applied use of knowledge with understanding.  Trust is having confidence in.  Searching is seeking to find or discover.  Diligence is not giving up, being persistent.  Discernment is perceiving and analyzing.  Judgment is a conclusion.  Reward is an award given for being obedient and mindful in regards to the specific Laws of the Universe.  Punishment is a penalty for being disobedient and ignorant for not regarding the specific Laws of the Universe.  Truth is Truth and it is what it is.  It is that simple and so it is.

    Textus Receptus
    The Pure Religion
    The Sacred Name of God Almighty
    The True Name of The Messiah
    Churches are an Abomination
    The Lord's Prayer
    What day is the Sabbath ?
    What is the Sabbath Year ?
    Health is Wealth
  The Bride of Christ
  What is Love ?
  The Lucifer Hoax
  Tithing - "Fleecing of the Flock"
  Exposing those who contradict
  Where is the Ark of the Covenant ?
  End of the World Predictions
  Biblical Astrology
  On the Existence of God

 What is being baptized with the Holy Spirit and with fire mean as spoken by John the Baptist ?

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