Contributions Page :  God and Karma will reward you in return !
      Help me to get a home so I am no longer homeless and living in my car so I can keep this website at it's peak to keep you informed and up to date.  Your contribution is greatly needed and it's for a good cause !
     I absolutely refuse to be a victim of circumstance and I'm doing everything possible within my abilities and talents to not only help myself; but also to help, inform and educate others along the way.
     If a donation is not something you would rather send, please have a visit at my digital arts page.  Any purchase will go towards me getting a home.  Thank you so much and God Bless !
    Please Send an e-mail with any helpful suggestions or if you would like to help personally !

      You can help me by sending a small donation to via and you'll be helping someone that is homeless.  Many of us who are homeless are not drug addicts, alcoholics, or criminals; but rather good and up standing citizens of the United States that constantly get spit upon.  God and karma will reward you in return for your help.  Thank you ! 

      To all those whom are helping me to get a home in these troubled times.  Thank you so much for your support and for your generous contributions !  I am so grateful for those with kind and trusting hearts that believe me.  You most definitely will be blessed for your kind and thoughtful action and deeds.  You are in my Prayers and I wish nothing but the best for you !

      My most recent humble story : I am just one of many who are the working poor and I refuse to be a slave to debt by going into debt.  College debt is enough and I don't need to double it by adding on to it.  Graduating college doesn't guarantee you a job and a career of your choice but it does guarantee that you will be in debt with accrued interest !  I've been to one dead end job to another just surviving since graduating college barely earning enough to even pay back my loans.  Minimum wage is a joke and so is the college piece of paper I paid for.  Currently working doing food deliveries, it's enough to surive on.

      I've been homeless for some time and I'm tired of being homeless, tired of being tired and just plain tired.  No matter what I've done it just seems that I end up at a dead end before I can even breath a breath of fresh air, which is why I am reaching out to you for help.  I'm not a drug addict, an alcoholic, or some criminal and they live better, are treated more fairly and decently at a rescue mission (in which I choose not to be around any longer due to various logical reasons) than someone who is actually educated, knows the truth, works and has useful talents that can help others and who also wants to be successful, happy, and healthy in life.  There are services that are free so that I am able to publish pertinent information for anyone who chooses to visit my website at no cost.  Any contributed amount or purchase is greatly appreciated.  I'm at the end of my rope and out of ideas unless I have some God given inspiration that is given to me somewhere along the way.

     When I become stable and in a home of my own, I have some future plans for Online Video / talk show for this website.  I also have musical and artistic endeavors / projects that need to be completed.  Sleeping in my car while earning less than livable wages for a home and a good standard of living is criminal.  There are a lot of us whom are the working poor or fell into the recession trap who feel and think the same way and a lot of us have been shunned by the very ones that we would hope to rely on - friends, family and religious services.  Trust me when I tell you, the true colors shine and the truth comes out revealing the ugly truth when you are down and out and barely surviving.  I hope any of you reading don't ever experience this.  It's awful.

     You can also help by sharing this page with others on twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram, other social media networks, friends and family.  Thank you for helping me to get the word out and keep this website going !  All the best and God bless !


My number 1 and first person who contributed $50 this year !  Zina, thank you so much ! 

Zina is the first person ever with a kind enough heart to contribute.  How many of you are out there like Zina ?  Please Help.

Is there anyone who can help me start an organization to help those in need that are in this position ??

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