The Martyrs and Saints that are slain

March 28, 2013

     Have your bible handy, I'm not going to type a whole lot of verses here.  I suggest using a 1611 King James authorized.

     Did you get your bible ?  Ok, lets move on with the lesson.

     Go to Revelation chapter 7.

     First, there are the 144,000 that are of the12 tribes of Israel and are sealed as the servants of God.  Plain, clear and simple enough.

     Also, there is a great multitude that no man can number in verse 9 that are sealed as the servants of God.  These are the believers, plain and simple.

     Verse 14 basically states that these 144,000 and the great multitude are those whom washed their robes and made them white in the blood of  The Lamb.  It speaks of all those whom are believers and have been redeemed through Yahushua's persecution, death and resurrection.

     In verses 15 - 17 , those whom have died and are believers are currently right now before the throne of God and the presence of The Lamb.  What a joy to know where one is going after death during this time of great trouble, deception and tribulation if one is a believer !

     Since the time of Christ's resurrection there has been tribulation.  Put together as a whole would be a great tribulation and it has not ended concerning the above up to the present and is coming to a crescendo.

     A historical account of what Rome, Germany, The Islamic Republic, Organized Religion and others have done to the above are all recorded in history and it is still going on.  Just watch the news or look up on the internet how those whom are believers who have been and are currently being persecuted, ridiculed, tortured, beheaded and killed for being a believer and not conforming to the world of sin, falsehood and death.  I could write a whole book on this subject matter alone as proof, and if you have read the prior studies within my site and keeping a close eye on what is going on in the world today, you already know where I am coming from.

     How simple all this really is.  Religious organizational philosophical gobbledy-gook makes it difficult if one chooses to believe them as the only authority.  Even Yahushua stood up against the Religious Reich of his day and they didn't like it.  He even stood up against the ruling governments and Satan himself in a peaceful manner except for the Religious Reich in which he condemned.  Now he'll be coming back as a warrior and there will be no mercy on those whom choose to go against him.  So now that Chapter 7 is cleared up and one can understand it, let us move on to Chapter 19 in the book of Revelation.

     Chapter 19 refers to The Army of God Almighty and refers to the King of Kings whom is the Son of God the Father whom is King of All.

     All the saints and believers whom have died before the Son of God's first arrival before his crucifixion / resurrection and all the believers and saints that have died after The Son of God's resurrection including the Angels of Heaven will be in this army.  Yes, the Angels will be there naturally of course. 

     There will be those that are of the flesh whom are believers and those of the flesh whom are unbelievers that will be bodily present here on earth when this happens.  Total victory will be achieved at this time over the beast, the false prophet, the kings of the earth and their armies and the Devil will be thrown into prison.  This is the time of Armageddon.  There is no so called rapture at this point in time.

     All those whom fight against The Lamb whom have died in this battle from the point where God's Army arrives will not be resurrected till after the 1000 year reign as stated in Chapter 20.  There is a resurrection of the believers whom have died before and during the battle and then there are those believers whom are alive during and after the battle within the world and all will receive judgment and their bodies will be changed or resurrected accordingly. This is the first resurrection.  Actually I consider it the second due to what is stated in Matthew 27 : 50 - 54.  Those whom are unbelievers that I call the walking dead will have a choice to make as one reads on. 

     Those of whom are unbelievers that fought against The Lamb will not be resurrected till the millennial reign on earth is completed.  Let us now go to chapter 20.  Are you excited ?  I sure am !

     In chapter 20 verse 4 - 5 we have the Judgment Seat of Christ of all the believers both dead and undead and all reign with Chirst and will become priests and ministers. Why is why priests and ministers ?  They minister to those whom are not believers that are still alive.  Yes, the walking dead will have a choice.  The rest of the dead did not live again until after the 1000 year reign which could mean 1 day and that 1 day could actually mean 1 year.  After the 1000 year reign Satan will be loosed out of prison to deceive and gather his armies to go and battle one more time but will be destroyed by God Almighty Himself; this is the Gog/Magog war and the revealing of the Just and Unjust.  What follows is the Great White Throne Judgment of the Just and Unjust, the dead Unjust whom remained Unjust and the Dead Just whom remained Just, the Living Unjust that chose salvation and the Living Unjust who did not choose the Lamb and Judged accordingly by God Almighty. 

     We believers should be so thankful that we are worthy to escape the Great White Throne Judgment due to us choosing The Lamb.  All of us are being watched and judged accordingly now instead of later.  That is Grace and Mercy of an Almighty God who remains true to his Word and we should remain true to Him.

      Those not found in the book of life will be destroyed by fire along with the earth being purified and renewed by fire.   This is where the actual taking away, caught up to heaven to meet The Lord (Yahweh El Shaddai the Father) in the air takes place and no where else.  All the Believers and the Just in totality will be taken to heaven right before the final penalty and sentence of the Unjust and the world.  The teaching of the rapture according to "religious doctrine" is a falsehood.  Right here right now you have the truth of the matter all summed up and there is a choice one can choose.  Eternal life or eternal death.

     For those of us whom are believers, hang in there for your redemption draweth nigh.

     For further proof please click here on the study concerning Nebs Dream part 4.

Amen, Hallelu-Yah !