Guidance concerning mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.

    You are where you are and your life is the way it is because you chose it to be.  There are, however, extenuating circumstances beyond reasonable control within a certain percentage of some peoples lives that need help.  Those who do not fall within the extenuating circumstance have no excuse and need to stop making excuses and start being responsible for their own lives and actions in what they have done to themselves and others.  Quit expecting others to clean up the mess that you yourself made and clean it up yourself.  You can always make a change for the better and there is help available where needed.  Ask, Seek, Knock.

    Might I also add that if anyone comes to mind be it past or present, pray for their well being and that they are guided, protected and loved no matter what they have or have not done to or for you aside from praying for yourself, your loved ones, etc.

1.  Top ten ways to make smart choices.
2.  Top ten ways to gain, boost or maintain self esteem.
3.  Top ten ways to build a positive attitude.
4.  Top ten ways to resolve conflicts.
5.  The Art of Planning Goals.
6.  Some Words of Wisdom.
7.  Meditation
8.  School Called Life by Yvonne Kariba
9.  Dimensions of Light : Personal and Spiritual Awakening

SongOvercomer by Mandisa

About Meditation

     I talked about meditation briefly in the study of  " the explanation of  Déjà vu "  under the  " my thoughts section " concerning Spirit.  I would like to take some of what is written there and put it here with a couple of helpful videos concerning mind.

     About meditation, there are two types.  There is active meditation and passive meditation. 

     Active meditation is where one goes to find a quiet, restful, peaceful place to quiet and still the mind.  Not all of us do this and I would recommend in doing so.  It's good for the soul and one will be able to talk with God and be more receptive.  It will also give oneself a chance to reflect. 

     Passive meditation is meditation that is done while one is actively doing something else, whether one realizes it or not.  We all do this whether one will admit to it or not.  Get to know when you are in passive meditation mode.  Know thyself.

     Has it worked ?  From my experience up to the present, yes; and when one goes through changes in life it helps to re-establish your path and get you moving forward again.  Sometimes one gets stuck or doesn't move forward for one reason or another while on the journey and sometimes it's a struggle to solve the problems or get the answers you have been seeking to specific questions that you have been asking.  No one said it would be easy.

     Recommended for you :   Fair warning, some of these meditations will knock you out, make sure you are sitting comfortably and in a place where you will not be disturbed for the amount of time you plan to meditate.  All the below is good for the mind, the soul, the body, the emotions, the spirit in which it ultimately edifies yourself.  I sincerely hope this helps for those reading.

           1.  The next 32 minutes can change your life by Earl Nightingale
           2.  The 11 forgotten laws by Bob Proctor
           3.  How to activate your superhuman powers  and  get a picture of the sri yantra here
           4.  The most sacred knowledge on our planet and get a picture of the tetragrammaton here
           5.  The most powerful meditation you can do - use with tetragrammaton or the sri yantra
           6.  Connecting to Source - guided meditation
           7.  Experience who you really are
           8.  12 DNA strand activation and chakra clearing meditation
           9.  12 chakras balance, alignment and healing
         10.  Raising your vibration with the angels
         11.  Make your dreams come true
         12.  Spiritual Inspiration
         13.  It is finished - by Joel Osteen

    There are also other meditations located at the right of the you tube screen.  Go with your instincts and intuition.

     I would also suggest reading and meditating on God's word and any words of truth that are of positive edification.  Know and learn how to use your insight while reading and listening.  Highlight them, bookmark them, write them down and read them daily.  Water your garden with the good stuff; fertilize it, cultivate it and care for it daily.  Think.  It doesn't have to be overly complicated or complex; simplicity, organization and discipline are keys.  This information will help change your outlook and your life for the better if you are willing to take action and do what is required of yourself for yourself in order to help and serve others.

     At certain times of the day, one should just quiet and still the mind and not think of anything, letting the mind rest.  Just going outside, sitting and relaxing in nature, enjoying your surroundings by yourself or with someone while looking and reflecting within or to just let the mind rest is medicine enough.  Natural exercise and staying in touch with creation outside away from all of the man made distractions is important.


A Daily Mantra To Help You

     Let there be  the complete and total fulfillment of the desires of my heart come and enter into my life with abundant fruition all the days of my life with all the very best of God Almighty's promises.

     Here are some more recommendations for you concerning your happiness, abundance and the desires of your heart.

     3 John 1:2  "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health even as thy soul prospereth" 

     God is not a Genie in a bottle.  He wants you to be fruitful, abundant and happy in this life and the life to come.  You got to study, find the information and do the work.  Get up off your behind and walk through the door.  If you sit there then the door will get slammed in your face since you are showing you do not want to receive or walk into abundance let alone taking the time to study and work diligently towards your happiness and the desires of your heart.  Do not talk yourself out of your own happiness.

      Be smart, aware, intuitive, inspired and most importantly; be loving, humble, respectful and start believing !  Write it down.  Plan.  Search.  Listen.  Read.  Decipher.  Highlight the positive stuff.  Say it, be it, understand it and do it.  No one else is going to do it for you.  The information is out there including within the first two chapters of the book of Genesis where all the universal commandments of God including the universal laws are located in the bible that we are to use and obey.  Chapter 3 is the start of the story in the book of Genesis and the end of story is the book of Revelation.  Get up and walk now, not later.  You always have the time so start using it wisely and the time to start is always now.

      Good can be done with money and there is no wrong in wanting to have a whole lot of it.  Remember that God himself wants us to be abundant above all that we ask or think and we have everything at our disposal as a child of God.  We are still living in a Satanic kingdom but that doesn't mean we can't have back what rightfully belongs to us since it was stolen from us in the first place.  Here are a few links that will give you a proper perspective on money and why you don't have enough of it and how to change that.  May God's Kingdom Come in Divine Right Timing. 

         1.  Success with money :  For the love of money  :  this article and website will give you a proper perspective about money.
         2.  Christie Marie Sheldon :  Unlocking your abundance blocks :  What she states for free is enough if you study and listen.  Combine with binaural beats found on you tube in relation to what she is saying and you got some powerful tools to transform.  Do not talk yourself out of something that is for your overall good.
         3.  Dave Ramsey :  Seven Baby Steps  :  Financial goal ladder.

    (1 Timothy 6:10)  Although the Love of Money is The Root of all Evil   (Ecclesiastes 10:19)  it does answer all things  

     The Love of God is actually an animated emotion from an animated being that surpasses all human comprehension.  The Love of Money is actually an inanimate emotion, cold and devoid coming from an entity that knows nothing of love, emotion or life but is filled with energetic atoms.  It is simply paper and metal.  Therefore, energize it with good intentions to do your bidding with good intentions.  It may take you a little while to realize this simple truth.

                Song :  The O'Jays :  For the Love of Money