Guidance concerning mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.

1.  Top ten ways to make smart choices.
2.  Top ten ways to gain, boost or maintain self esteem.
3.  Top ten ways to build a positive attitude.
4.  Top ten ways to resolve conflicts.
5.  The Art of Planning Goals.
6.  Some Words of Wisdom.
7.  Meditation
8.  School Called Life by Yvonne Kariba

SongOvercomer by Mandisa


About Meditation

     I talked about meditation briefly in the study of  " the explanation of  Déjà vu "  under the  " my thoughts section " concerning spirit.  I would like to take some of what is written there and put it here with a couple of helpful videos concerning mind.

     About meditation, there are two types.  There is active meditation and passive meditation. 

     Active meditation is where one goes to find a quiet, restful, peaceful place to quiet and still the mind.  Not all of us do this and I would recommend in doing so.  It's good for the soul and one will be able to talk with God and be more receptive.  It will also give oneself a chance to reflect. 

     Passive meditation is meditation that is done while one is actively doing something else, whether one realizes it or not.  We all do this whether one will admit to it or not.  Get to know when you are in passive meditation mode.  Know thyself.

     Has it worked ?  From my experience up to the present, yes; and when one goes through changes in life it helps to re-establish your path and get you moving forward again.  Sometimes one gets stuck or doesn't move forward for one reason or another while on the journey and sometimes it's a struggle to solve the problems or get the answers you have been seeking to specific questions that you have been asking.  No one said it would be easy.

     Recommended for you :   Fair warning, some of these meditations will knock you out, make sure you are sitting comfortably and in a place where you will not be disturbed for the amount of time you plan to meditate.  All the below is good for the mind, the soul, the body, the emotions, the spirit in which it ultimately edifies yourself.  I sincerely hope this helps for those reading.

          1.  The next 32 minutes can change your life 
          2.  How to activate your superhuman powers  and  get a picture of the sri yantra here
          3.  The most sacred knowledge on our planet and get a picture of the tetragrammaton here
          4.  The most powerful meditation you can do - use with tetragrammaton or the sri yantra
          5.  Connecting to Source - guided meditation
          6.  Experience who you really are
          7.  Meditate on God's word and any words of truth that are of positive edification.

     There are also other meditations located at the right of the you tube screen.  Go with your instincts and intuition.

     There are times when one should just quiet and still the mind.  Just going outside sitting and relaxing out in nature is medicine enough.  Exercise is also important.