The Mystery of Seven Thunders

Updated April 5, 2017

     Revelation 10 : 1 - 4   "And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud; and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire, and he had in his hand a little book open and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth, and cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth; and when he had cried, seven thunders uttered their voices; and when the seven thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write; and I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, 'Seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered, and write them not.' "

     The above verse in Revelation has been ignored by almost everyone within studies of biblical prophecy.  My guess is that they don't have their prophetical antennae tuned correctly.  I have looked and searched trying to find someone out there who might be able to come close as to my conclusion of what I may feel be the answer to the above verse but have found none as of yet.  All I have to go on is what I have experienced in this life in which I was not able to explain and which may directly correlate to the above biblical verse.  The story of my experiences is as follows :

     First, my life experiences and please note also that there are witnesses with me with what occurred and I'm writing this based off of key points in memory and a little past life research since I didn't write down the exact time of each and I am waiting on the next one to sound when it does for a more accurate time of events.  The following are honest and truthful recollections of the experiences and as near to the exact timing that I can recollect.

     Spring of 1989 :  I was living in New York City.  After having a discussion with a friend in to what was then current affairs in politics, we then were pondering as to what to do as far as entertaining ourselves that evening.  While we were pondering, a loud prominent thunder sounded.  We both looked at each other at astonishment for there was no rain forecasted nor any demolitions nearby within the city.  Both of us investigated but had no answers.  It was an unexplained phenomena that stays with me to this very day.

     Spring of 1996 :  I was in my hometown playing a card game with some friends.  Again, out of the blue, a loud prominent thunder sounded.  All of us that sat at the table looked at each other quizzically for we all knew there was no forecast of rain.  We got up from our chairs and proceeded outside.  No rain.  This started to make me quite nervous for it brought back the memory of what happened in New York City.  The sound of that thunder was unmistakable.  The same type of sound and of the same amplification as the one I experienced in New York City.  I secretly was thinking and pondering as well as relating these two experiences.

     Spring of 2003 :  Again, another thunder.  I was within my hometown.  This happened in late afternoon while talking to a friend showing him my new computer and everything I incorporated into it.  The thunder sounded while talking and I stopped in mid discussion and asked him if he heard that thunder.  He replied that he did not  want to discuss it nor ponder as to why it happened.  It scared him and had me on the hunt for all three happened at approximately the same time at different yearly time frames with witnesses.  I now knew this world was in the midst of something and heading somewhere.  My first guess and gut instinct is that this had to do with something biblically and prophetically.  So my quest began.  I had to figure this all out for myself.  Little did I know I was chosen but that is another story.

      After much thoughtful pondering, prayer, meditation and studying in relation to scripture along with what I have experienced I came up with the conclusion that these seven thunders represent the final countdown during the trump of the sixth angel / second woe.  The seventh thunder being the final thunder. 

      Following after the seventh thunder; the temple in Jerusalem is rebuilt as well as the arrival / death / resurrection of the two witnesses and the ensuing war that follows which is Armageddon / WW 3 and the subsequent destruction of the Harlot / Beast Kingdom along with the false prophet and the establishment of the Millennial Kingdom.  The Gog/Magog war will follow after the thousand year millennial reign (which could quite possibly be 1 year if we take into account what is stated within 2 Peter within the new testament as well as what is stated within Ezekiel of the old testament where each day is equal to one year) with the subsequent resurrection of those dead in Christ as well as those alive in Christ.

     The seventh trump will sound from the seventh angel which is the third and final woe within Revelation chapter 11 concerning the declaration and establishment of the Millennial Kingdom after the destruction of the Harlot / Beast Kingdom as spoken of in the Book of Daniel as well as the Book of Revelation and explained in my bible prophecy section.

     The following is in theory only based upon my experiences and is to be taken with a grain of salt.  If it holds true, well we can then look forward to a happy intermission where the Millennial Kingdom will reign before the final establishment of the Heavenly Kingdom.

The explanation of the thunders :

Each thunder represents a seven year period totaling 49 years.

Each thunder sounding in succession right after the ending of the previous one.

Timeline breakdown according to my experiences :

1.   Spring of 1989 to Spring of 1996  Thunder 1 sounded in 1989 :
Collapse of the Soviet Union and the cold war ends, Gulf War, Bosnian War.

2.   Spring of 1996 to Spring of 2003 :    Thunder 2 :
          The 911 twin towers / pentagon / flight 93, war on terror 2001 to ??, conflict in Iraq / Desert Storm.


 3.   Spring of 2003 to Spring of 2010 :    Thunder 3 :       Year 2003          Year 2004          Year 2005
            Year 2006          Year 2007          Year 2008
        Year 2009          Year 2010


4.   Spring of 2010 to Spring of 2017 :    Thunder 4 :      Year 2010          Year 2011          Year 2012
     Year 2013          Year 2014          Year 2015
     Year 2016          Year 2017

          Special Note :   I received a testimonial from a friend who heard a thunder and came forward to tell me in July of 2010.  He stated he had heard this thunder in June of 2010 (spring nearing of summer).  I had missed the sounding of this thunder (I do recollect that I may have heard a thunder when I was with another friend at the time but we both wrote it off), all I can say is that God sent a friend as a messenger since this friend could only relate his experience to what I have written about here even though I had been reluctant to write it. This is exciting, refreshing and reassuring news !!  Another witness in relation to my testimonial experience who also has a testimonial experience for himself !!  Onward to the next thunder !

     Spring of 2017 to Spring of 2024 :  Thunder 5 with coming sounding of Thunder 6 in the Spring of 2024.  This is the year and I'm listening, watching and waiting intently so I can pinpoint exact time during the spring months.  I hope I have this timing structure down finally this year and hope everything is correct.  I may be off a year, please excuse my mistake if the thunder doesn't sound till next year but I don't think I'm wrong on this.  So much has happened in my life since the unveiling and the enemy has been using people to distract me from paying attention.  It isn't going to change anything.  There are others who are awakened who will hear it too.  I've been going off of memory putting the pieces of the puzzle together and this is the journal.  Thank you.

Japanese Drums - Taiko :  The last three thunders

5.  Spring of 2017 to Spring of 2024 :    Thunder 5 :      Year 2017          Year 2018          Year 2019
     Year 2020          Year 2021          Year 2022
     Year 2023          Year 2024

     6.   Spring of 2024 to Spring of 2031 :  Thunder 6 with coming sounding of Thunder 7 in the Spring of 2031.

     7.   Spring of 2031 to Spring of 2038 :  Spring of 2031 is the sounding and Spring of 2038 is the final ending of all seven thunders and the continuation of prophetical events and the start of a Jubilee year in 2039/2040.

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     Now if one had read the study of the last generation there could be some relevance here.  Within the study a generation starts at birth and ends at death.  According biblically, 120 years equals one generation.  Let's start with Israel's rebirth of a nation in 1948.  Now lets add 120 years.  This would equal to the year 2068. 
     Let's go with the above theory.  Take the year 2068 which is the total culmination for the last generation minus the year 2038 which is the last thunder and this would be a total sum of 30 years total that is left from the time of the last thunder to the time of the end of the last generation.  What might happen within those 30 years biblically ?  The rebuilding of the temple ?  The appearing of the witnesses ? Armageddon ?  The second coming of Christ ?  Those 30 years have to account for something biblically and has yet to happen that may or may not happen at the time of the few remaining thunders.  One can only speculate until a prophetical occurrence comes to pass and is revealed at the time between the years of 2017 and 2068.  Of course we know that the generation will pass at the end of 120 years when all shall be fulfilled and the end will come as Yahushua the Messiah of Nazareth has stated.


     Ok, here is another Cosmic Chart that is astounding.  A special thank you from me to those whom made this information available.  This definitely relates to the seventh thunder years.  It is as follows :

     For more information concerning the above chart, please click here.

     Both charts coincide with my experiences within my above theory and this really is exciting stuff !!

     For more information concerning the blood red moons click here for the four blood red moons study .

     For up to date information concerning eclipses go to The NASA eclipse site

     Here are two other charts for added info :

     You can write this off or keep it as a guide.  There are some things stated here within this page that are noteworthy that should be considered that I myself will stand firm in.  As for the phenomenal aspects and timelines, even I myself look at it with speculation and I'm not quite too sure.

     What is spoken of in the bible is the only firm foundation I can base my experiences and conclusions on till I'm proven wrong somewhere in the future (not by mankind of course) as far as the thunders are concerned.  I keep a close lookout for anything out of the ordinary as well as what is going on within the world and Jerusalem.

     Till we meet in the Eternal Kingdom.  God Bless.