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Robinhood :

     Get up to $500.00 worth of free stock.  Yes, it involves just a little work on your part and its not hard.  What a deal !

    1.  For those of  you that know about the stock market.  Go to Robinhood and get your free stock which is a special offer to you from me and Robinhood.  Robinhood is a legitimate commission free brokerage firm.  I personally have an active account with them.  I'm more frugal and I am taking my time to study but my brother jumped right in and is doing quite well with his free stocks and has built a stock portfolio worth over $100.00 in value and growing based off of just a few free stock invitations and then becoming an active participant without spending a dime !

      You will have to give personal financial information upon signing since Robinhood is a brokerage firm that is involved and participates in the stock market and it is also required in order to get your first free stock plus doing any future deposits, withdrawals, trading, buying, etc.  I would suggest not to link your bank account and depositing money right away until you learn how Robinhood works and you have a personal account within your bank that is dedicated only to investing money after getting your free stock.  Please review the financial management charts for some ideas and links provided at the bottom.

      Your information is not shared and you can get your start here and then proceed to get up to $500.00 worth of free stock in total value by inviting friends and neighbors to join so that they can also get a free stock through Robinhood in which they can do whatever it is they want with it.  It costs you nothing other than some personal time and some information to enter into the stock market and become an active participant.  Your information is secure and you do not have to link your bank account to get the initial free stock.  I personally will not have any access to any information that you provide.

     You can sell the stock, collect and close the account if you want.  How easy is that !  Offer is good one time only.  Don't pass up the chance to receive a free stock that could be worth anywhere from $1.00 to $250.00 in value !  You get a free spin and get to cash in on it !  You get additional multiple free spins up to $500.00 worth in stock total when you invite others to join !  Go to Robinhood and get your free stock today !  This offer can expire at anytime so don't delay !

    2.  For those of you that do not know about the stock market or have any type of financial plan, I would suggest checking out my health is wealth page before investing or getting a start in anything concerning money.  Some good guidance, advice and study will not hurt and this goes for anyone reading this page. 

     Once my $500.00 free stock quota is achieved, this offer will then be removed and all financial information links provided concerning dividends and Robinhood will be removed.  Get out your pen and paper now and bookmark links in favorites because once this offer is gone, it's gone for good.

TD Ameritrade

     Has a referral rewards program.  Earn $50.00 or 10 commission free trades for each friend you refer.  You can refer your friends, family members, and colleagues to TD Ameritrade and you'll receive a reward of your choice when a person you referred opens and funds an account.  TD Ameritrade will send your friend a special offer to help him or her get started.  Certain restrictions do apply and this can only be done through your account after it has been set up.  There is no charge and you can use their graphs for free which are highly recommended.  You will also have to provide personal financial information for this service since it is also required.   Certain other charges and fees may apply concerning trades, brokerage fees, etc., and there is available free guidance offered from TD Ameritrade to help you get started the right way in investing your money and they will go out of their way to contact you in order to help and assist you.

     Be smart, wise and patient.  Study, plan and act on it for the long term.  The short term should only be for quick gains that are needed that are done with wise investing decisions without hopefully losing any investment.

Helpful Links :

     1.  Robinhood Review by Investor Junkie.

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     3.  Robinhood rocks banking with 3-percent savings interest rate.

     4.  Robinhood walks back checking and saving offering.

     5.  I found Robinhood's Biggest Flaw - The Dividend Yield Error. 

     Here is an answer from Robinhood provided via a post from someone who did their homework concerning the dividend yield error :  Our market providers use a fiscal dividend yield calculation, while some other sources use a daily dividend yield calculation.  This may explain why Robinhood’s dividend yield calculation may differ from other vendors.

     Dividend yield is calculated by dividing dividends per share by the price per share.  The fiscal dividend yield calculation is based on the dividend figure and stock price in the company’s end of year report.  This calculation won’t change until the following year’s report is published.

     The daily dividend yield calculation is based on the company’s daily stock price, so it will change daily.

     6.  How to calculate a company's dividend.

     7.  Dividend.com

     8.  Suredividend.com


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