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      Go to Robinhood and get your free stock today !  You are invited !  This can expire at anytime so don't delay !

Robinhood : a hybrid : of both stock and cryptocurrrency trades within the same app.

    1.  For those of you that are looking to get into the stock market and for those that already know.  You are invited to go to Robinhood and get your free stock which is a special offer to you from me and Robinhood which is a legitimate commission free brokerage firm.

     Robinhood also offers a fractional share advantage.  You can purchase a portion of a stock such as for example, a fraction of an amazon stock for as little as $1.00 and if the stock has a dividend you would get a percentage of the dividend according to your investment.  This is a great way to get in the stock market for those who are unable to buy full shares and still come out on top to profit from a sale !  I invite you to get started buying fractional shares.

You do not need any money in your account to get this free stock and you can sell it, that's money in your pocket !

      Robinhood also offers an automated dividend reinvestment option that you can activate or de-activate at any time.

     Note :  You will have to give personal financial information when applying since Robinhood is a brokerage firm that is involved and participates in the stock market and it is also required in order to get your first free stock plus doing any future deposits, withdrawals, trading, buying, etc.  It's information required like a bank that would ask to set up a checking or savings account and of course, how else are you going to get your money after selling your shares of any particular stock ?

     I am currently participating with Robinhood and I highly recommend them.  They are one of the few that offers a fractional share program and also cryptocurrency within the same app.  This is a huge opportunity for the those who earn little to gain much !

     I would suggest in setting up an account within your bank that is dedicated only to investing or receiving money concerning trades such as a secondary checking account.  Please review the financial management charts for some ideas with additional links provided at the bottom of the page for more information.

      Your personal financial information is not shared.   Your information is 100% secure.  I will not have any access to any of your personal financial information that you provide to Robinhood through this offer.

     2.  For those of you that do not know about the stock market or have any type of financial plan, I would suggest checking out my health is wealth page before investing or getting a start in anything concerning money.  Some good guidance, advice and study will not hurt and this goes for anyone reading this page. 

TD Ameritrade / Charles Schwab

     TD Ameritrade / Charles Schwab just merged and is another commission free brokerage firm I highly recommend that offers free trading with no brokerage fee in which you can be your own broker / private investor.  Works the same as Robinhood.

     You will have to provide financial information in order to set up your account just like you would with Robinhood.  It's information required like a bank that would ask to set up a checking or savings account.  Their brokerage software known as (thinkorswim) is an awesome tool to research any stock within the market, free of charge and of course, you are able to link your bank account for money transfers and they also offer great educational tools concerning the stock market.

     Be smart, wise and patient.  Study, plan and act on it for the long term.  The short term should only be for quick gains.

     Note :  I highly recommend a cash sweeps account and buying stocks that payout a monthly or quarterly dividend with an option to sell any stock that would reach at or near their all time high. 

     I would not recommend becoming a day trader and opening a margin account with TD Ameritrade / Charles Schwab (also known as a gold account within robin hood) or any other brokerage firm, you will have no control over your securities, could risk losing your total investment and go into debt if you do not know what you are doing. 

     Get to know what a capital gain is and also look for stocks that pay dividends with a dividend calendar along with stock dividend data.

     Dividends are taxable including any stock you sell at a profit.  Do not reinvest or spend all of your earnings or there will be a big surprise come tax time.  Save at least 40% of your earnings for taxes.  It might be over the limit, but it's better to be safe than sorry than to be a fool.  Taxes, so what !  The tax man only gets a portion and you are entitled to keep the rest which isn't any longer taxed.  You are only taxed on what you earn when it comes to money.  Get in on this and don't let the tax man or any other organization scare you out of your wealth which you so rightly deserve.  Be smart about it, study and plan in advance, you'll be glad you did.  This is opportunity knocking at your door !

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