Helpful Tips

     First :  Always check the announcements link.  Clean and refresh your browser history and cookies when necessary to view new content which is located under internet options in the tools menu of your browser.  It also helps to just hit the refresh button to check if the page being viewed has been updated so one receives the most current information.

     Second :  This website is best viewed with Internet Explorer and Firefox.  Free browser downloads are available.

     Third :  Don't be afraid to explore this website.  You might discover something here you've been looking for that could be of beneficial use or value.

Some Notes :

      A.  Anything that is underlined isn't quite necessarily a hyperlink.  Just take the mouse pointer and position it over anything underlined and it will highlight (or not highlight) to let you know whether it is a hyperlink.
     Tabs, buttons and pictures are other hyperlinks that are not underlined.  You can also right click on any hyperlink, tab, button or picture and choose to have it appear in another separate window.

     B.  Make sure to scroll through the pages when viewing, what might seem like an end to a page just might not be and one could miss some pertinent information.  The scroll bar to the right of the page or window within the browser window will be your best indicator.

 Don't forget, tabs are your friends !  Here's how to enable tabs the easy way for Explorer 8/9.

     Step 1 -   Go to the "tools file" in your browser window and click on "internet options".
     Step 2 -   Where "tabs" is listed click on "settings".

     Step 3 -   Click on "restore defaults" and then choose the "Always open pop-ups in a new tab" button then click on "ok" ; then click "ok" again in the internet options box.  After this, right click on the top portion of your browser (where address bar is located) and click on "show tabs in different row".

     Step 4 -   If you have a pop up blocker, make sure it is set to medium.  A high setting will cancel any tabs options because they are considered to be pop-ups. 

     Step 5 -   Close the browser and then reopen it.  Your tabs settings are now set !  To undue, follow the first 3 steps and click on restore defaults.