About Censorship :

     This does not mean to fight for the right in order to abuse, manipulate, deceive or infringe upon.  It also does not mean to fight for the right so one can hate, try to gain the upper hand, thieve, misinform intentionally or go around acting like a fool without any common sense.

         1.  What is Censorship ?

         2.  Internet Censorship in the United States.

         3.  Internet Censorship worldwide.

         4.  Freedom of Speech

     Are you being censored on youtube, facebook, and other social media websites ?  How about google suppressing or denying access to information ?  The big three search engines of the internet : msn, aol, and yahoo seem to be in non support of google.  Have you noticed the google ads disappearance from these major search engines ?  Facebook could be next.

      Do not be a sucker and join the boys club and then get kicked out for not being in line with their rules.  That isn't censorship, that is what is called not following their club house rules and you became a sucker by becoming a member, literally.  Use them to your advantage where you are the one in control so you will not be at a disadvantage.  Build your own damned website and put it up on the internet for the world to see !  Advertising is key to announcing your website and making your presence known. 

      Some religions and persons may consider this site blasphemous, slanderous or not politically correct.  Too f***ing bad.  I express my views freely and they have no control over my life, mind or spirit what so ever in which I give them the big fat stink finger.  I call it like I see it without living in their made up matrix of fear.  Everything on this website can be published in print and put on the market if need be and I also go by what is called word of mouth.  Speech and the written word that is informative without abuse, deception, manipulation, infringement, etc., can be and should be obtained or presented freely without being censored, suppressed or being threatened.  Read the privacy blog for more info.

     November 6, 2019 : Youtube/google has been censoring and shutting down videos in a big way, some of which were links here on this website that have been removed due to their intolerable acts of censorship that are pissing me off.  These videos I hope will be on another video platform so that we as a people can shut down google/youtube and totally delete their software from our computers, phones, etcetera that also includes facebook and other undesirables completely that advertise through the modern day propaganda machine.  Anything advertised via the propaganda machine should be questioned without purchase.

     I declare war on all those trying to conform and silence us, will you join the war for total freedom or will you give away your freedom of expression and thought and conform ?  Sacrifice of their software and anything tied to it including your membership will not end your life, it will end theirs.  You can always find another way.  If you are part of the walking dead (mindless zombies looking for brains) you will remain that way till life slaps you in the face with the truth and by then it might be too late.

     Before buying a device, let the manufacturer know you do not want google/youtube or facebook software installed and if it is, have it removed completely or find another device that does not have pre-installation of these software companies that are harnessing the internet thinking they have complete and total control in which they don't.  You only give them power if you give them complete control and total support.  Stop this madness and total destruction of your freedoms that you are allowing.

     This website is not connected to any of their software programs in any way other than if you do a search via their web browser, platform or app.  The only way this website can be censored is by the government or the hosting company if not in line with their internet rules (which they are), and a huge lawsuit would ensue since I express my thoughts and provide information in a creative manner freely via my constitutional right as a United States Citizen.  I own this website but not the internet in which case I can bypass with my own server software if need be.  Web hosting and domain names are pocket friendly.  The government nor the software companies don't own the internet either if you take the time to know your history of the internet.  Knowledge is power and so is withholding your hard earned money and time by not purchasing and discontinuing membership without any compromise.

     Additional website links concerning censorship :

                   1.  Website with info concerning google and youtube censorship : youtubecensorship.com
                   2.  Website with info concerning facebook, google and youtube censorship :  collective-evolution.com

     Note :  This website is currently being suppressed and buried by google if using their search engine (it used to be at the top on the first page), when keywords of the website name are typed in without the dot com in their search browser and you don't have to submit your website to be found, there are crawlers that find your website.  This is a website first concerning it's information being suppressed by any one search engine.
     This website does appear at the top of search pages on the first page via the other search engines when the keywords of the website name are typed in without the dot com.