My Thoughts :  A free mind is a dangerous thing and there are those who wish you not to have it.


     Question :  Is the glass half empty of fluid or half full of fluid ?  

        Answer :  That depends on whether the fluid was poured into the glass or emptied out of the glass. 
                  Thank you Bill Cosby for an enlightening message.

     Let's take this one step further and bring it on home.  I would say the glass is filled to overflowing, half filled with liquid and the other half filled with air that is surrounded by its atmosphere.  The glass is never empty and is always filled to overflowing.  Now that's what is called thinking outside of the box.


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      Chemtrails ?  Contrails ?   :  A government conspiracy ?  Is the ozone being purposely depleted or are we being protected from the harmful effects of ozone depletion ?  Many, many questions and theories concerning this subject.

     Know about the benefits of meditation.

     Song :  Alice in Chains - check my brain


The Media and Propaganda Matrix

     Song :  American Idiot by Green Day

     To the news media :  

     You are not judge, jury and executioner.  Your job is to report the facts outside of  your own personal views.  Journalism means just that.  Being a journalist.  By definition, journalism means :   "the work and distribution of reports on the interaction of events, facts, ideas, and people that are the "news of the day" and that informs society to at least some degree. The word applies to the occupation (professional or not), the methods of gathering information, and the organizing literary styles.

    Journalistic media includes :  print, television, radio, Internet, and, in the past, newsreels.  Know your job.

     I amongst a myriad of other people don't want your opinions, just the facts and we are sick of you (the media and propaganda matrix) of pulling words or sentences out of context and blowing them up out of proportion as to make a falsely stated claim that is unsubstantiated along with partiality.  I very rarely watch any television or listen to any radio unless I catch wind of something that is of utmost importance that is being presented within the news and my life is the better for it.  We don't need to be entertained or being solicited, or advertised to since we know how to live and entertain ourselves and buy without any radio, television, etc. with its advertisements (which is adverse and coincides with adversity) or being solicited.  After all, God and the outdoors was and still is here before radio, television, advertisements or solicitations and will be here long after.  Where do I find and get my information ?  Wouldn't you like to know.

    I don't care about your panel discussions or your opinionated tabloid gossip either.  Just the truth and the facts is all that matters.

    Got it ?  Get it ?  Good !

     To the people

     Numerous videos and photos that have been altered coupled with false information is being presented to you as truth.

     Certain organizations and individuals within mass media as well as outside of mass media pretty much are spewing forth truth mixed with error and in turn are asking for money in the form of donations, memberships or buying their wares of some sort by their fear mongering and just outright adding confusion to the situation as a whole.

     They also add a mix of tabloid news including twisting or putting a spin on the facts of current issues or past issues to their advantage by merging it with the vain ideologies and philosophies they put forth creating the perfect lie.  All part of the plan to keep you completely ignorant, ensnared and engulfed from finding out the real truth and from really thinking for yourselves outside of the box or package presented.

     If one were to make a comment by calling, posting on their website or e-mail them with a comment of anything with real truth and substance (especially when it proves them wrong); it would either be debased, erased or replied with ridicule.  They supposedly promote free speech, but it is at their discretion, in which they double standardize themselves and make themselves look like total hypocrites.

     These websites as well as the use of other various forms of mass media; put forth propaganda inducing fear, panic, doubt and division instead of telling the people to take a stand and be courageous.  The media and propaganda matrix is being used by those who have either a hidden agenda or public agenda to further their goals by using social media as an advertisement medium and also as a tactic of diversion.  They will use the race, sex, violence, religion, politics, money, fear and other such cards in constant repetition like a broken record until it's instilled in your brain.  Most are dividing having a double minded nature.  They put themselves and others at risk of becoming unstable and delusional causing fissures within the very foundations, hence part of the plan of putting forth strong delusion whether the afore mentioned know of it or are totally and completely innocent of it and don't realize what they are doing in which they will still be held responsible for their actions.

     Although some do hold some merit concerning some truths that they state most of it is just bunk.  It's a lure to put the hook in the jaw to buy their wares and ideologies they are peddling so they can get rich at your expense and time; mentally and psychologically wearing you down keeping you ignorant of the truth all the while enforcing the divide and conquer plan to rip apart this country and try to instill a new form of government for the one world government regime. Whether they are knowing of it or not.  There are those who do tow the line and are credible.  But you have to know the truth in order to know who they are.

     Anything of real substance or truth that would pose a threat to the hidden agenda with their ideologies, philosophies and paranoid schizophrenia due to their delusional and impaired thinking would get zapped.  Truth is free and doesn't cost a penny.  These people put a price on their "version" of truth, peace and love in not only just the news media but all social media with their movies, sports, music, tabloid gossip, advertising, etc., while looking to get rich monetarily from it at your expense.

     I on the other hand could care less on what they have to say since I consider my life more important and would rather stay active and away from the bunk and jibberish that is being put forth by and through puppets that are in total illusion and would rather be helping those that are in search of answers, information and pieces to the puzzle for free as well as helping those that are less fortunate in need of a helping hand.

     Do you like brainwashing yourself by watching and hearing the same thing over and over again that is of no gain for yourself and do you like patterning your life according to what is being shown or told to you on a repetitive basis ?  Are you gaining anything good in your life from it ?  Are you living the life the way you want or the way you have patterned yourself from watching or listening to the media and propaganda matrix by emulating what they put forth instead of just being yourself ?  Are your thoughts your own or from what you have patterned yourself from the ingestion of what the media and propaganda matrix have served to you on a repetitive basis?  Are you discerning what is being presented ?  Are you searching for the real truth instead of believing what you are told ?  Are you trying to deluge the truth to fit your way of thinking ?  Be wary of what you choose to believe or emulate that isn't pure truth, it may not be good for you and there probably is nothing to gain from it other than severe repercussions.  You are what you eat; ingesting and sharing garbage poisons and eventually kills.

     A big Thank You and Hell Yes !  to Comedian Ricky Gervais  for his truthful comments and statements at the opening of the golden globe awards even though he said it was all in a "joking" format to wake people up. 

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