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Number of Alerts Currently :  2

     High level alert status number one :    There are advertisements from companies that will back up your computer files for a yearly subscripted price.  It is geared towards businesses but also to the average computer user as well.  Their gimmick is that you, the consumer or business owner, can back up your files, photos, MP3's, tax returns and other contents on their system.  You then can access their system from any remote internet connected computer to retrieve lost files.  There is a serious problem with this and I'll tell you why.

         A.  This is how lists are built and then the information is sold to third party vendors.  Don't fall for it folks.  You will most certainly be putting yourself at risk by sending all your info to a company which may be at risk of government intervention later on down the road not to mention money being made at your expense of course.  Be on the lookout for any companies as mentioned above.

         B.  Why do this when you can back up any file with a CD-R, CD-RW, or Memory Stick?  They are for the most part inexpensive and have plenty of storage space.  Especially a memory stick.  I had purchased one on sale for $14.00 at Office Max.  It has 8 GB of storage space and the size of the device is only a couple of inches.  I beat their subscription price not to mention that it's reusable.  If at all possible, try not to keep all your files on your computer unless you necessarily have to.  You can also use an external hard drive to store information.

         C.  Never ever download directly to your computer C drive.  ALWAYS download to a separate storage device.  This is in regards to anything aside from licensed software from a reputable company.  This one rule here alone will prevent your computer from becoming infected aside from the use of a good anti-virus program.  You can also back up your complete system with separate storage devices.  They can then be stored in a safe place for updating and retrieval.

         D.  I hope that you are getting the picture.  Please be wise.

     High Level Alert Status number two :    Buying online with a credit card or debit card. 

         A.  Don't ever buy online with your credit card or debit card unless it is through a company one trusts.
You can click here to verify the security of this website or various other websites.

         B.  If you do decide to make a purchase online and are not sure.  First, go out and buy a disposable gift card to use online. You'll save your bank account and your credit card protecting them both from theft.

         C. It's the smart thing to do.  Really.  Think about it.