The civil and culture war has started ! 

      My family arrived from Wales and Italy in the late 1900's.  We will not bend our knee, we do not owe you
one damned thing via your bogus claims and we are not ashamed of our color.  We will protect our own.

               It's time to Fight "The Establishment", the Rino's and the World Order !  If you don't, you lose.

RFK JR issues warning in video while at Berlin.  Must Watch !


     November 25, 2020 Cleaning House :  Pentagon Purges Leading Advisors From Defense Policy Board.  Removes 11 high-profile advisors from the Defense Policy Board, including former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Albright......

Breaking News
     1.  The Deep State Destruction of America : Phase 1 and a message for the black community.
     George Soros caught working closely with Iran, Democrats, BLM, ANITIFA and other major
left-wing organization "projects" against the U.S. and Israel.
     City of Seattle forces white employees to undergo Marxist re-education training.
     Radical democrat rep Ilhan Omar calls for "dismantling" of US "economy and political systems".
     June 6, 2020 :  Exposed !  George Soros and the secret origins of black lives matter.  Soros funding Antifa.

     2.  Islam :
     April 29, 2020 :  Approval of loudspeaker broadcast of muslim call to prayer in Minneapolis neighborhood.
     The silent islamic takeover of America :  a weapon of anti-christ "with peace he shall destroy many" via religion.
     The muslims have just now encountered the wrong entities to mess with, Gangland America.
     December 17, 2019 :  muslim community patrol in Brooklyn, N.Y. in serious beef with Notorious Bloods Gang.
                                     Bloods retaliate against muslim community patrol
     Brooklyn New York mosque blasting islamic call to prayer to 20 Blocks Radius !  This is an infringement upon the
American People's rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness who are not muslim from a radical religion that respects
not the rights of other people's lives who choose to live freely without religious persecution and are being bombarded daily
from one of many religious and non-religious cults.
     Jan 20, 2019 :  Canadian Party: “Islam Is the Native Religion of Canada” ?!!  Something wrong here !
     The solution to stop islam from a woman who escaped from Iran and the islamic religion.
     Note :  Review the Sharia Law page within the My Thoughts section.

     3.  Antifa and other rogue domestic terrorist organizations :
      July 4, 2020 :  A convicted terrorist sits on board of charity handling black lives matter fundraising.
      June 21, 2020 :  Muhammed Ali's only biological son states, "My father would of said that BLM are nothing
                      but devils."  Ali's son has also stated and equates ANTIFA with muslim terrorists.
                      On May 31, 2020 rioters of BLM and Antifa face off with Italian bakery shop.  The Italians
                      were not going to sit back and let it happen.  Mess with the Italians for those of you in BLM and
                      Antifa and you will have nice ocean front property with plenty of cement.  Kapish ?  Messages of
                      support for the Italians came from Italy.
                      My family arrived from Wales and Italy in the early 1900's and we are not going to bend any knee,
                      we do not owe you one damned thing, we are not ashamed of our color and we will protect our own.
     June 18, 2020 :  THAT'S RIGHT ANTIFA !  Get the F**k out of Ohio, we have you in the crosshairs along with your
                    p*ssy warlord Raz too !  Your movement will be destroyed along with the Democrats being voted out.
                    The Patriots and militia are United against you bunch of ignorant, lazy, non-working zombie thugs.
                    Soon...very soon, you will wish you weren't a part of the socialist / communist manifesto and your racist lies.
                    Greenwich Time :  Militia Groups respond with online threats and armed intimidation.
     Alert !  June 15, 2020 :  There's going to be possible future blood shed.  Raz (so called warlord) of the autonomous
zone in Seattle is caught on video handing out AR-15's to random young activists.
     June 13, 2020  :  Anitfa is in for a rude awakening within Seattle as Gangs of bikers and patriots prepare to dismantle the autonomous zone from within the city on July 4th.
     Two Antifa terrorists who turned out to be lawyers were caught.  One black man and one muslim woman whom is a
"Fellow" with a jihadist Ramallah-based legal organization Al-Haq that was founded to challenge the "legal status of Israel
as an occupying power."