Breaking News :  It's time to Fight "The Establishment", the Rino's and the World Order !  If you don't, you lose.
     Flu season (October through May).  The history of the coronaviruses that also causes the common cold.  Be ready
for the covid plandemic anarchy manifesto to ramp up steam just in time before the elections.
     The Corona virus pandemic is a hoax and political ploy set up by the World Order Democrats that have been the
overwhelming majority for far too long and have always blamed their Republican counterparts that includes throwing
a Republican President under the bus for what they (the Democrats) have done, using the Republicans as scapegoats;
NOT THIS TIME.  Democrats have shown their true colors and are looking to undermine the election to take away
your Life, Liberty and Happiness; keeping you poor, miserable and enslaved mentally, physically, spiritually, verbally,
emotionally and financially.
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                        Video statement summed up beautifully by a young lady.  Bravo !  Bravo !   
             "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing", Edmund Burke
     Yes !  Police brutality, harassment and profiling should be stopped entirely.  Corrupt police officers are part of 
"The Establishment"  whom in turn, inject their plague of corruptness deep within our social, political, economic,
spiritual, educational and communications framework.  Wake up !

     July 7, 2020 George Soros caught working closely with Iran, Democrats, BLM, ANITIFA and other major
                  left-wing organization "projects" against the U.S. and Israel.
     July 4, 2020 :  A convicted terrorist sits on board of charity handling black lives matter fundraising.
     Hillary Clinton loses her appeal in court.  Set to testify on September 9.     
     July 3, 2020 :  Black university professor states, "If there is systemic racism today, it's racism against white
                   people." and "The Black Lives Matter organization is pushing a socialist, Marxist agenda."
     False Epstein Photo :  The image with Donald and Melania Trump with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell
                   being used across the internet has been photo-shopped.  The dark black line along Melania's Left arm
                   gives it away.  Follow the bottom of her hand up to her shoulder and you will notice where a thick black
                   black line ends; also, a shadow by Donald's left hand on Melania's waist that shouldn't be there.  Zoom in.
     July 2, 2020 :  US Catholic group funneling church funds to rioters and radical groups.  WHY ?!
                   The Catholic Church along with other religious organizations keep the people poor and line their
                   own pockets.  Oh, yes.  They help those in need for advertising purposes and continue to ask for
                   more money.  Keep supporting your devils in the pulpit people, this is why we have the problems
                   that are happening today and why we have mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, financial and verbal
                   bondage keeping you people in ignorance of the truth; religion uses politics to steal, kill and destroy.
                   You all deserve what you get for remaining ignorant and not taking action for the truth and for refusing
                   to help your fellow human being directly that are in need of help that religion refuses to help.
     July 1 2020 :  Seattle CHOP barriers being cleared by city crews, cops at the scene.  Hey BLM, ANTIFA  and
                  other radical movements with guns whom also committed acts of violence, your mugshot has been
                  plastered all over the internet and guess who's coming for you while you sleep ?  You all are F***ED !