The Name, Number and Mark :  The Study of Currency

    An additional study link from the mark of the beast and 666. 

    There is quite a bit to be said about currency.  There are those who are trying to figure out who the elite are through currency and trying to expose them.  There are others trying to prove that our government and it's leaders are satanic to the core through currency. 

     While the masons or illuminati may have ties within the government, economic and religious structure along with other organizations concerning the new world order, this will not be my purpose here.  It is more of a biblical standpoint and no matter what others may try to do to expose the "powers that be" existing behind closed doors, it's still going to be business as usual till the arrival of The Messiah.

     Incidentally, the dollar bill as we know it today appeared way after the founding fathers and those trying to blame the illuminists or masons are way off base with their theories concerning the dollar.  I've found they will go so far as to lie or go way out into left field making no sense what so ever.  Most are of a "religious" or "overly intellectual" nature with others blindly following while those self same leaders, teachers, etc., are also blind to the fact.

     Those in the practice of the occult like to use cryptic and anagrammed forms of which I will reveal here.  It is how currency has been secretly marked without anyone's knowledge.  Of course, this was done before most of us in modern times were born.  Information regarding the dollar and cryptic language is exhaustive and extensive and I'm just going to touch on the key aspects here.

     The occult is not a "religion" but rather a coded language.  One of the definitions of occult means "hidden from view, concealed" and a medical definition would be "detectable only by microscopic examination or chemical analysis".  It is exactly what I've done with what follows.

     First, just let me refer you to one verse; 1 Kings chapter 10 verse 14 :  "Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was six hundred threescore and six talents of gold.
     Did you get that ?  The number 666 is not only tied to the beast and his name in the book of revelation, it's also tied to the money !  The name is in the money and relates to a king stupid !  This is the Coup de gras of the study and yes, the pope is considered a king !


The pyramid on the back of the one dollar bill :

     Here is where the name and number are revealed.  The three pyramid decoder concerning number belongs to another person via website info I found.  The rest of the decoding belongs to me.  Remember, what is being done here is a revealing.  Decoding that which those whom have used formulated occult and cryptic language to conceal their meanings.  Don't forget about the prior studies showing Jupiter as the planet of kings and Saturn as number of the beast and Satan association hence a Lord or King of Evil.  Ah, family.  The best and the worst.  Even the planets have more than one story to tell concerning good and evil.

     Is there any relation to the picture below.  Hmmm.  Top of throne, pyramid and an obelisk on the miter ?   There's more occult symbolism going on here but I'm just pointing out the obvious.

     Notice the  masculine and feminine (effeminate) to the right and left of the pope ??  Notice the placement of the hands.  The guy on the right doesn't look too pleased wearing a doily skirt  and the guy on the left seems to be thinking that he would rather be wearing the skirt.  (Snicker, Snicker) 

     No, the pope is not Satan, he's the current high priest and representative as well as King (Lucid X) of the Harlot Queen Mystery Babylon.  Satan's throne is in the East within modern day Turkey known as Pergamos as stated in Revelation 2 : 12 - 13. 

    That means we have to look at history concerning the Byzantine Catholics after Rome split into East and West.  Satan is most definitely not Lucifer since Revelation 20 : 1 states that Satan is known as the dragon, devil and old serpent.

     1 Kings 10 : 14  "Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was six hundred threescore and six talents of gold" 

     The name, number and mark isn't future, it is now and has been for quite some time. 

     One added verse and study concerning 2 Thessalonians 2 : 3 and 4 :  study your Greek concerning "theos"

     3 "Let no man deceive you by any means; for except there come a falling away first and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.

     4.  Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called god, or that is worshiped; so that he as a god sitteth in the temple of a god; shewing himself that he is a god.

 In the coronation of all popes — including Pius XII, on March 12, 1939 — the tiara is placed on the candidate’s head with the words:

     “Receive the tiara adorned with three crowns and know that thou art Father of princes and kings, Ruler of the world, Vicar of our Savior Jesus Christ.”

      If this phrase had not been sanctified by long usage, it would not have been coined in this generation to express the relation of the pope to the political and social order; but it would not have been created in the first place if it had not meant then what it says — “Ruler of the world.”  This would of course not only make the holder of office a king but also a god.  Here is another link (archive 2) discussion concerning the pope being a god and an (archive 1 list) of people who are considered to be deities.

     Daniel 8:25  And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.

     Religion, especially Roman / Byzantine Catholicism, Islam and Old testament Judaism (the Sanhedrin of Jesus of Nazareth's day) have a lot of blood historically on their hands that includes their dealings with governmental powers that have killed numerous innocent people.  The time is near at hand for this whole system to be dismantled and destroyed completely, God's will of course will be done.  How many of you in religion (in all its forms) think you are going to be spared The Almighty and His Son's wrath of continuing in ignorance and false worship with your idolatry and false gods ?  Better wake up, you will have no power against the one who is arriving and His arrival will be sooner than you think !

     Galatians 6:7  "Be not deceived, GOD is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. 


More Puzzle Fun :  Very Important !

     Vicarivs Filii Dei.  There are those whom have proven that this title contains the notorious 666 number.  I have to agree with them that it does.  Since this is all related to the Donatio and the Papacy before the USA was even born, this would be the actual starting point which would later have an effect upon the rest of the world including the USA.  Here is what is stated concerning the Donatio :

     Pope Leo IX sent a letter to Michael Cærularius, Patriarch of Constantinople, in 1054, that cited a large portion of the Donation of Constantine believing it genuine. The official status of this letter is acknowledged in the 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 5, entry on Donation of Constantine which states :

     "The first pope who used it in an official act and relied upon it, was Leo IX; in a letter of 1054 to Michael Cærularius, Patriarch of Constantinople, he cites the "Donatio" to show that the Holy See possessed both an earthly and a heavenly imperium, the royal priesthood."

     Leo IX assured the Patriarch that the donation was completely genuine, not a fable or old wives tale, so only the apostolic successor to Peter possessed that primacy and was the rightful head of all the Church. The Patriarch rejected the claims of papal primacy, and subsequently the Catholic Church was split in two in the Great East-West Schism of 1054.

     Inserted among the twelfth-century compilation known as the Decretum Gratiani, this document continued to be used by medieval popes to bolster their territorial and secular power in Italy.

     It was widely accepted as authentic, although the Emperor Otto III did raise suspicions of the document "in letters of gold" as a forgery, in making a gift to the See of Rome. The poet Dante Alighieri lamented it as the root of papal worldliness in his Divine Comedy. It was not until the mid 15th-century, with the revival of Classical scholarship and textual criticism, that humanists, and eventually the bureaucracy of the Church began to realize that the document could not possibly be genuine.

     The earliest known instance of the phrase Vicarivs Filii Dei is in the forged medieval Donation of Constantine, now dated between the eighth and the ninth centuries AD. The phrase later appeared in the Corpus Iuris Canonici, quoting the Donation of Constantine which refers to the office of the Pope as Vicar (representative) of the Son of God. A noble title, but none the less, a title that was refuted along with the rest of the Donatio.

     The Donatio continued to be tacitly accepted as authentic until Caesar Baronius in his "Annales Ecclesiastici" (published 1588-1607) admitted that the Donatio was a forgery, and eventually the church conceded its illegitimacy, though not without some late defenders: Zinkeisen asserted that the decision of Baronius against its authenticity had "hushed its defenders", but H.C. Lea pointed out "Error is not so easily silenced". Nearly a century after Baronius, Christian Wolff still alluded to the Donatio as undisputed fact.

     So there you have it, all in a nutshell. The Papacy was founded upon that which they now call a forgery and a lie and they continue to lie, obviously enough, from the prior studies without me even having to delve into the much disputed Vicarius Filli Dei. There are those whom even defended the Donatio through the course of history not to mention that it was used to establish territorial reign. God Almighty and his Son wouldn't do such a thing as this in which the papacy so thinks they portray and venerate.

     Let's start with how this phrase is related to the number 666 :

     First the phrase is Latin.  Second, the Latin language has numerical equivalents known as Roman Numerals.  The Romans used Latin for their alphabet and their number system.  So now we have the formula for the first piece of the puzzle.

     VICARIVS FILII DEI :  All letters with numerical equivalents are :  V = 5,     I = 1,    C = 100,    L = 50,    D = 500

                                         All letters without numerical equivalents are :  A, R, S, F, E

     VICIV = 5 + 1 + 100 + 1 + 5 = 112,     ILII = 1 + 50 + 1 + 1 = 53,     DI  =  500 + 1 = 501

                                         112 + 53 + 501 = 666

     Now I know what you could be thinking right now, sort of on the lines of "so what", right?  Ahhhhh......but here is what they didn't tell you and where they fell short.  Those same numerical numbers are an anagram as well.  You just might like this.

     VICIV + ILII + DI = LVCID VIIIII = LVCID X =  both 666 the number, LVCID the name and "X" the mark !!

     What has been revealed here is on the back of the one dollar bill in which I revealed within the currency section at the top of the page in relation to the pyramid !!  Now we know exactly who the culprits are !!  Two birds, one stone !  Twice confirmed !

     What about the left over letters you might ask ??  Explained as follows. 

     A, R, S, F, E   =  FARSE  =  it is the plural word form for the Italian word FARSA and is a genre of opera, associated with Venice in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. It is also sometimes called farsetta.

     Farse were normally one-act operas, sometimes performed together with short ballets. Many of the recorded productions were at the Teatro San Moisè in Venice, often during Carnival. Musically they may have derived from the two-act dramma giocoso, although there were other influences, including the French comédie mêlée d'ariettes.

     Now how could this possibly relate to anything you might ask ?  Mephistopheles.

     First, Mephistopheles (also Mephistophilus, Mephistophilis, Mephostopheles, Mephisto and variants) is a demon featured in German folklore. He originally appeared in literature as the demon in the Faust legend, and he has since appeared in other works as a stock character version of the Devil himself.

     The name is associated with the Faust legend of a scholar — based on the historical Johann Georg Faust— who wagers his soul against the Devil.

     The name appears in the late 16th century Faust chapbooks. In the 1725 version which was read by Goethe, Mephostophiles is a Devil in the form of a grey friar summoned by Faust in a wood outside Wittenberg. The name Mephistophiles already appears in the 1527 Praxis Magia Faustiana, printed in Passau, alongside pseudo-Hebrew text. It is best explained as a purposely obscure pseudo-Greek or pseudo-Hebrew formation of Renaissance magic.

     From the chapbook, the name enters Faustian literature and is also used by authors from Marlowe down to Goethe. In the 1616 edition of The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, Mephostophiles became Mephistophilis.

     Second, Mefistofele is an opera in a prologue, four acts and an epilogue, the only completed opera by the Italian composer-librettist Arrigo Boito.

     Boito began consideration of an opera on the Faustian theme after completing his studies at the Milan Conservatory in 1861. Mefistofele is one of many pieces of classical music based on the Faust legend, and like many other composers, Boito used Goethe's version as his starting point. He was an admirer of Richard Wagner, and like him chose to write his own libretto, something which was virtually unheard of in Italian opera up to that time.

     I've read the four acts, prologue and epilogue.  It's somewhat hard to swallow even though it has a happy ending.  Most, if not some, could be so lucky in relation to those whom have wagered their souls willingly; yet, a lesson can be learned from it.  Especially for those of us born into something we haven't chosen in the first place.  God makes a way where there is no way.

     The money is squealing like a pig !  The old phrase "money talks" isn't a lie after all.  The dollar reveals a story if you look for the occulted cryptic writings.  There is way more being stated within our money other than what is shown here but I can leave that up to you to find out for yourself what others have found.

     Finally, we need to take our country back from the perpetrators whom are trying to destroy the very foundations.

     Save and protect The United States Constitution along with The Bill of Rights.  They are National Treasures that should not be changed along with the squealing piggies !

     If one refuses to see the truth of the matter, sticks ones head in the sand and totally ignores how everything has related and what is being done right now today in our lives and around the world and does not act to do something to better educate oneself and others and take action to defend the sovereignty of The U.S.A, our freedoms as well as those in desperate need of our help, we will fail.  Failure is not an option.

     Allow me to repeat what is stated at the end of the page of The Mark of the Beast Study, because it is really important to understand what could actually happen if it is allowed to happen :

     The mark is already here and has been for some time people.  Wake up!  We are in the end times !!  People are being brainwashed from birth and are blind to the facts of the matter concerning what is happening presently and are not studying or remembering the past.

     Read an excerpt concerning capitalized interest.

     We the People are the only facets left within the market that comes between product and currency, organized religion of any sort and politics.

     We the People are the only ones left not stamped with a mark aside from those within various forms of religious organizations who are like cattle being led to the slaughter-house unknowingly and unwittingly.

     We the People can sell our products or services without the mark upon such said products or services or upon ourselves or our children.

     If there is a way to change currency or avoid using it, We the People can do so by instituting another form of currency or bartering system without any mark.  We do not need a world currency, but a currency that is viable none the less.  A currency that sets us apart from the world, the beast and from those whom have chosen to be in allegiance with the beast, falsehoods, infected and false religion, the false prophet and ultimately as well as indirectly, Satan himself via marks upon currency. 
     Each and every state within the United States of America should be given their rights back to coin and mint their own money and strip the Federal Reserve of its monetary financial theft system given to them by former President Woodrow Wilson.  The dollar reveals if you study and look for the occulted cryptic writings.  Article 1 of the Constitution 
     Still a change is in order and (NO!) digital currency simply will not do !  A new face on an old concept, instead of dollars and coins to make a purchase, it will be a chip and a computer.  We are being programmed via the electronic transactions that we make right now for a currency take over !
     This is EXACTLY what those who want the ultimate control of your money to be done, digital is no good and you aren't able to keep anything saved in a piggy bank at home !  The dollar needs no connection with rogue or tyrannical nations or with any organizations outside of the United States Government and money does not and should not be digital !  Bring back and implement the gold standard and kill the idea of digital currency before its total enslavement ultimately ensues and ensnares !  People of the world, you have been warned to not follow this plan of tyrannical financial enslavement no matter how good it looks or sounds !

     We the People can manufacture products (with quality, professional workmanship and lasting value), establish business and work that can set us apart from the world.  We the People can refuse to buy imported products made in China and elsewhere via slave labor that are poor in quality, poor craftsmanship, short lived and have no lasting value.

     We the People can stand up against this tyranny and hit them where it really hurts, their pocketbook; in which they fill so unjustly by charging interest, then compounding that interest and then charging interest upon the compounded interest along with unjust taxation, low wages, and higher than fair share market value.

     We the People do not have to associate ourselves with their organizations or buy their goods and services.

     We the People can be pro-active and we must continue to take action, activate, and educate not only within the classroom but at home as well.  Education does not stop after high school or college. One can self educate oneself after one has learned the art of learning and is able to discern correctly.  We can then give this knowledge to our children as well as teach them how to survive using the methods of our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and forefathers.

     We the People can re-establish government, business and culture the way our forefathers and those of freedom intended and founded.

     We the People can be homegrown and grassroots with the guidance of God Almighty, the Host of Heaven and each other.  Our Forefathers have done it and we should be following their example.

     Guess what's coming next people.  The time has arrived.  Stamp the foot down, stand without budging, take action and say we no longer will allow those of tyranny within the homeland or within office !  Woe to the people and power to the people.

     The choice is yours and the children of the future are at risk.

     Be aware !  Be Smart !  Be Safe and Prepare !