My Thoughts :  A free mind is a dangerous thing and there are those who wish you not to have it.


     Question :  Is the glass half empty of fluid or half full of fluid ?  

        Answer :  That depends on whether the fluid was poured into the glass or emptied out of the glass. 
                  Thank you Bill Cosby for an enlightening message.

     Let's take this one step further and bring it on home.  I would say the glass is filled to overflowing, half filled with liquid and the other half filled with air that is surrounded by its atmosphere.  The glass is never empty and is always filled to overflowing.  Now that's what is called thinking outside of the box.


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How banks get away with criminal activity that is considered legal via Capitalized Interest

Politician flips out and exposes the central banks scam

      I have got to write this because it burns me up the more I think about it or talk about it with others.

     An ounce of gold is still an ounce of gold with a numerical price attached to it that changes and yet an ounce of gold is still an ounce of gold.

     Most of us over 18 have college loans, mortgages, credit card debt, auto loans.  Sigh.  The Bills.  Whimper.  Where's my winning lottery ticket ??

     Those of us working jobs that aren't six figures let alone a decent five figures are scraping by and God help those on minimum wage.  Really, the minimum wage is a joke and a disgrace to most hard working Americans along with the hours or having to work two jobs, etc.  Also say goodbye to job security with a pension and am I really going to be living the life I dreamed of after retiring with a paltry 401k that is based off of a 10% deduction from a paycheck and earnings of between 20 to 30 thousand dollars a year ?? 

      Those of us in this bracket know what I'm talking about.  I've been there and still working my way up the ladder, only this time, being self employed.  God only knows how much is owed to me due to sacrifices I have made in life along with good and bad decisions concerning jobs and the paltry earnings just to survive within a "slave" environment with "slave" labor wages.

     I'm also ticked off by the words "too experienced", "too educated", "you'll be bored", "we just can't afford to pay what you are worth",  "you do not know enough in this field even though you have a degree in this field", "would you settle for less ?" and more such BS quotes by employers looking to hire those who aren't considered a threat or looking for potential candidates that would be a hefty tax write off.

     What also pisses me off is how foreign students come to American Colleges and get their education for free if they keep a certain grade percentage up in their first semester while we American students get raped financially in an unfair system that favors the foreign students while making American students poor and in debt before they even get their first job in which also the job market highly favors students that are huge tax write offs for their business while leaving the highly educated white male out in the cold who wouldn't be a huge tax write off.

      We American college students (past and present) of any college should be forgiven the total debt amount entirely or at least have the interest erased with no additional interest what so ever and just be responsible for just paying the original loan amount that was required to earn the degree.  We American College Students should also have the same privileges as the foreign students, this of course, would offset and cancel the loan debt immensely along with cancelling all interest and just being responsible for the original loan amount that was borrowed initially to earn the degree without raising educational cost. 

      The foreign students are taking advantage of our educational institutions and the governmental banking institutions are taking advantage of the American College Students financial future while also at the same time making any additional grants for the American College Student to obtain from the government either while in college or after graduation concerning our chosen fields extremely vague, time consuming, elusive, difficult while at the same time enforcing "socially accepted" guidelines thereby taking away the freedoms of free enterprise via biased laws, "socially acceptable so called norms", and total ignorance and lack of regard as to the real truth.  Here is another good read from confessions of a college professor.

     Now I'm not against those whom are rich.  Fine.  Born into it or self made, congrats to you.  Just know that I don't bow or kneel down to you, grovel at your feet and idolize you.  You could lose it all and be on the street with nothing but the clothes on your back.  I've been there more than once.  What's more, when you die, you can't take it with you and if you got to answer for what you have done in life, what are you going to say ??  

     There are many of us who would LOVE to be as rich or at the least nominal and debt free.   

     If any one ticks me off it's the banksters right along with the Federal Reserve and corporations that overprice and underpay with outright business robbery.  Oil prices go up, prices on the shelf go up; oil prices go down, prices on the shelf don't budge until oil prices go up again. There's your inflation.  What they do is flat out criminal and it should be outlawed in my humble opinion. 

     I don't even want to discuss the market concerning sports or the entertainment industry as a whole.  Just as disgusting and distasteful right along with the news media (I mean propaganda machine).  Really, sports players being paid millions of dollars to catch or dribble a ball, etc. ??  Most artists don't even get paid as much as they do and those of you earning minimum wage support this by purchasing an overpriced ticket and sportswear ?!  Where is your common sense and has your perception of reality of the truth died ?!

     Capitalized interest, perpetual war to rake in the taxes, business taxes, employee taxes, fees, dues, garnishments, low wages, etc.  Thieves making money out of thin air (not earning it) and it's getting worse.  It's killing this country on every level.

     Let's take college loans for example.  I'm not against paying for what I owe going to college.  Here's what's criminal.

     Let's say, for example, after I graduated college that I have two loans consolidated at a fixed interest rate of 9%.

     Let's say, for example, at the time of my graduation I owe $25,000.00 for an associates degree and that 25K is considered the principle balance at the time of graduation (not including the interest that has already accrued while being a student with the loans put in deferment, which would be an outstanding principle, where is the time to work if a student is constantly studying and especially if the student wants to earn the degree right away and take no time off in between semesters, being led to believe that a job will be available right away after graduation ?)  Students should be educated ahead of time concerning this BEFORE choosing to go to ANY higher educational institution while in high school so that they know ahead of time and take at least one to two years for themselves to think and reflect what they really want for themselves after graduating high school without being thrown into a cesspool of debt and utter darkness.

     Let's say the first payment is due within a month of graduation and I'm unable to land a job or acquire a job to meet my monthly obligation.  It is then put in deferment for a year with the hopes of getting hired to meet the monthly obligation and maybe have a roof over my head, reliable transportation, good health, food on the table and clothes on my back.

     First year goes by and no luck.  Multiply $25,000.00 times 9% and it equals to $2,250.00.  Now add $25,000.00 and $2,250.00 together which is $27,250.00.  This is now the new outstanding principle balance that is owed.  Uh-oh.  There's a problem Houston.  The area I reside in has become economically depressed with a wave of job losses and I'm unable to travel abroad due to low income to acquire a good job with a good salary.

     Second year.  Loan goes into deferment for another year.  Take the outstanding principle $27,250.00 times 9% and it equals to $2,452.50.  Now add $27,250.00 and $2,452.50 together which is $29,702.50.  This is now the new outstanding principle that is owed after the second year.  Uh-oh.  Eruption.  Nationwide job losses, employers not hiring and are downsizing.  Taxes are raised due to eruption of war.  Fuel prices go up.  Minimum wages are stagnant.  Overall market prices are going up.

     Third year.  Loan goes into deferment for another year.  Get the picture ??  This is insanity done by those creating the insanity and it snowballs every year.

     College loans are but one example.  Those with mortgages at variable interest rates suffered just as hard.  Credit card holders (those who used them wisely and unwisely) suffered just as well among other examples.

     Another part of the insanity is selling a loan with the interest to another bank making one total outstanding balance that would have to be paid off.  If one receives a phone call asking if one wants your loan "transferred" to another institution say NO.  The "transfer" is actually a sell making one totally liable for all interest accrued during the life of the loan as well as the loan itself.  The interest would of course not be forgiven due to the "transfer". 


     Capitalizing and compounding interest via risk based on others debt and investments without repaying in kind and like manner is criminal.  Perpetual war, overpricing of goods and services along with stagnant wages, made up pricing and tipping the scales for ones own personal gain through fiat money is criminal in regards to the banks, corporations and the feds investments in wall street.  Money not backed by gold and the suspension of the states sovereignty with the United States to coin money is criminal.  Usury is not a good thing when done with manipulation and deceptiveness according to God's law.  This is supposed to be one nation under God, not the banksters, the federal reserve, special interest groups or big corporations.  These United States are being ripped off in a great deception and at a great expense.

     A topic that came up is the overpricing of goods and services.  This also means food prices.  Greedy, deceptive business practices.  When gas or fuel oil goes up the price of goods and services goes up.  When gas or fuel oil drop, the price of goods and services stay at the current level they were raised and then when the price goes up at the pump, guess what, the price of goods and services goes up again.  Then when the price at the pump drops, the new raised price of goods and services remain till the price at the pump goes up again.  It's a never ending economic formula cycle that needs to be stopped.


     Article 1 of the Constitution 

     Eliminate all debt, bring back the gold standard and return each state their right to coin money.  Every state within these United States has its own constitution that rules out a federal take over which was done via former presidents Wilson and Nixon through the monetary system and the federal takeover needs to be expunged completely.

     Eliminate current interest added on home mortgages, college loans, business loans, credit, etc.  Eliminate variable interest rates;  if there is interest that isn't done deceptively for ill gotten gain it should be under but no more than a 10% one time fixed rate of the total original loan making it the outstanding loan amount to be paid without compounding and capitalizing any additional interest after the first year and thereafter on any type of a loan or credit as the original and outstanding amount is being paid off.  So for instance if I get a loan of $10,000.00 at 10% interest, I would then only owe $11,000.00 total to be paid without any additional interest accrued ever.  Monetary penalties would be enforced if a payment was not made unless for a substantially good reason such as death, impairment, sickness, unemployment, etc.

     Businesses as a whole need to stop inflating prices.  Unfair market value and greed are not good and it kills the economy as well as everyone's wallet and purse.  We the People will be rising up more and more on a daily basis and temporary bandages isn't a fix all for bad business practices for business people who are greedy. 

     For those with current loans or credit, replace the eliminated amount of interest with a one time 10% interest fee of the total amount of the original loan with no future interest added.  For those currently paying and have met the 10% along with any left over balance paid in interest towards the amount borrowed, then that left over balance should be put to the original loan or credit amount and deducted from the original amount borrowed with a left over balance to be paid interest free.  If there is no balance remaining then that borrowed amount is paid in full.  If there is any remaining balance left that was paid to the amount borrowed after all deductions and payments, then that remaining balance is immediately refunded back to the borrower.

     The banks and federal reserve should pay those of us who have money saved or invested within their banks a standard 10% of 9% (9% divided by 10% = 0.9%) APR interest compounded to the consumer, NOT AN APY.  The consumer would receive (.009 cents) APR interest compounded and added daily to the total original savings amount with the APR included (this would be the APR not spent and saved with the included original savings amount) as a return of investment in a savings account without a cap limit paid to the consumer from the federal reserve and banks returns of investments in wall street which is their risks such as credit cards, loans, taxes, etc.  FDIC insurance on money within the bank should be raised to $1 million.
     For example, if I open a savings account of $1000.00 the first day, the following day my savings account at the end of the first business day should have $1009.00 ($1000.00 x 0.9%); at the end of the second business day the savings balance should be reading at $1,018.08 rounded (1009.00 x 0.9%) and then of course the 0.9% would then be applied to the second days balance to receive $1,027.24 rounded by the end of the third business day and continues throughout the life of the savings account based on the most current balance.  Balance would reflect for any money spent.  Get the picture ??
     If the federal reserve, banks and large corporations can do it with their loans, credit card offerings and the collection of our tax dollars while also investing in wall street living high on the hog based on and investing taxes, debt, compounded interest and risks while receiving returns on those investments and also at the same time giving huge amounts of money to "rogue" nations and nations that support enslavement, tyranny and terrorism then they can do it for those of us here in the United States who have money invested or saved within their banking system and not wall street.  What is good for the goose is good for the gander.  The consumer has the power and we will and can start an economic civil war if need be by simply not working and not buying whether debts are paid or not.
     We're not stupid nor are we indentured servants or slaves.  Some of us are asleep but not all of us and when all of us are fully awake, its the federal reserve, banksters and large corporations asses, hence the second amendment due to tyranny through fiat also known as fiat money that is unjust and unfair no thanks to former Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Richard Nixon.  Remember that.

     Three important videos :

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                                           Prepare for what is coming !  Be one step ahead of Everyone.

     If you are educated (even if it is just a GED or comparable skills without) then you get the job.  Make college loans interest free, lower prices on the shelf (goods and services), slash taxes to a minimum standard on all levels, eliminate pork spending to special interest groups, raise the minimum wage to not just a livable standard but a standard to live well, manufacture within the United States by Americans for Americans producing products, goods and services with lasting quality and value that are economically affordable, safe and reliable; eliminate and/or lower imports that have no lasting quality and value that are not affordable, safe and reliable; penalize businesses heftily overseas using slave labor that make products without lasting quality and/or value that are not safe, reliable or affordable and I'm sure there are those out there that could add to this list.  Go with God's laws which are wise. 

     May I also add that it is not the Government's job to create jobs or to be privy to special interest.  The Government's job is to GOVERN justly and fairly in accordance with the Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights keeping this ship steered on course and afloat.  Hence the word government.  I would also like to add that every state within the United States of America also has its own constitution that over-rides the federal reserve to prevent a tyrannical take over if invaded and we have been through the monetary system.  Again Article 1 of the Constitution is to be referenced.

     Money is not power.  It's an illusion and a form of control that can be broken and defeated.  When you realize that and start realizing that wealth is more than just having a lot of money then chances are you will start to wake up out of the illusion that has been created.  Health is Wealth.

     An ounce of gold is still an ounce of gold with a numerical price attached to it that changes and yet an ounce of gold is still an ounce of gold.  Who are the people that make up these unjust numbers and values within the market and like to play with peoples lives and minds as if they were expendable ??  They need to be strung up and tortured sloooowly and their scheme needs to be destroyed.

     No one on this planet owns one thing since it was created before human existence.  It all belongs to the Creator.  The United States was the last continent on earth to escape religious and governmental tyranny.  Everything here was free for the taking when the puritans arrived and more than likely had been getting along with the Native Americans before the Mayflower arrived.  The moles that came with the puritans went back and told the King of England what was available. 

     Now we are in a real mess with nothing left that is free to claim due to their made up currency and control scheme.  Wake up.  We are all slaves although not anyone's property.  If you are working to earn a buck via being employed by a business owner, you are a slave but not the business owners property.  If you are a business owner, you are free from being a slave to earn a buck by being employed by a business yet you are still a slave unto yourself, the buyers, and the government but you are not owned. 

     Proverbs 22:7   "The rich rule over the poor and the borrower is servant to the lender." and this can and will change for those of us willing to do what needs to be done here in the United States of America.

     If you have debt that is owed to either the government or the bank you are a debt slave till the debt is paid but they do not own you personally.  Get out of debt and stay out of debt and thumb your noses at the bank, the government and anyone who wishes you to "finance" by paying cash in full afterwards.  Pay an extra 30 or 40 dollars towards your monthly payment.  If they refuse cash in full, then you can refuse their business.

     If you rent, rent to own and pay the balance off what you owe immediately.  Don't rent if you can't own it.  Save your money instead and figure out another solution till you actually get what you want.  There are ways without having to give in and put yourself into a ditch.

     I would also suggest to start stacking and putting money and anything of value aside, and outside of the bank, that way if something happens you have personal cash on hand hidden safely away.

     I myself would rather be a slave unto God Almighty than conform to society's standards of their made up illusions and brainwashing and I'm on my way.  Their house of cards is crumbling and they have no solid foundation and they also do not have or own my mind, spirit, body, life or anything I own paid in full.

     Fight and win.  We as a people can wage an economic war and hit them in their pocket books and we can do it one business at time.  Don't start buying with your hard earned money and go crazy for the latest "what's in and popular" schemes.  Popularity and prestige status is another illusion.  Keep what you have that works and keep it working.  Only buy what you need.  Start being frugal with your money and look for sales, quality products that last and use coupons.  Grow your own garden and can the produce for the winter months.  Find local farmers that raise livestock naturally and those who grow fruits and vegetables naturally that sell at a fair price.  Stop using credit cards with high interest rates.  If you get a loan, make sure it's at a fixed interest rate, not a variable interest rate or a high interest rate and make sure it's not added to the principle balance so they can compound the interest.

     Stop supporting and buying over-priced tickets to sporting or "special' events and a whole list of other over-priced products or services.  It's complete nonsense.  They don't care about you.  They care about only one thing.  How to get that money from your bank account and put that money into theirs while also at the same time keeping a form of control and illusion up to steam. 

     We as a people can put a real hurting economically on those who think they have the power if we unite and start doing what is necessary so that we can live a life abundantly, fairly and freely without recourse.

     Start buying and owning physical gold and silver and put it in a safe hidden safely away and if the government tries to come and take it, let them know they do not own it what so ever at gunpoint along with your God given United States Constitutional rights.  They were born without gold and will die unable to take the gold with them since it ultimately belongs to the Creator of the Universe, Heaven and Earth and He gives to whomever He wills that is just in accordance with his laws of righteous knowledge and wisdom.

     This ship of the American Dream can be turned around and repaired to sail onward towards a positive, bright, prosperous, happy, healthy and wealthy future with the cancellation and reformation of current debt and interest along with reforming market prices, goods, services and products, providing an exceptionally higher wage standard for all Americans, and producing exceptionally affordable, reliable, quality goods, services and products made in America by Americans, for Americans and then the rest of the world.  No one in the United States of America should be financially poor, in debt, homeless, hungry, without clothes, without personal reliable transportation, without protection or without an education and knowledge of the truth in all its total beauty and ugliness.

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