Daniel's Dream - Part III

     We are now going to cover the fourth beast in the Book of Daniel in Chapter 7 : 7 - 11, 19 - 28.  I'll try to keep it as simple as possible without adding too many details that may detract from the main subject.  In other words, you will be presented with key and pertinent facts and it'll be up to you to look up and study the history for yourself.  I'm not being mean, just a guide giving the gist of the situation for you.  I'm saying and doing this with stern humility.

The overview :

      This beast isn't about the Roman Catholic Church or the Revived Roman Empire.  I found that it is about the empirical division and what happens during this division.  We are talking about "brothers in arms".  The East aiding the West.
     The Eastern half is also where Satan's throne is located as stated in Revelation 2 : 12 - 16.  This would be the little horn in the east, who by the way isn't Satan but rather a reference to Satan and his henchmen's location; hence why "prophecy experts" got things so befuddled for the little horn is a two-fold meaning.  One of which is explained in this study and the other explained in the studies of Revelation concerning Satan and Satan's Throne.

     Please refer to Nebs Dream Part III where present day Italy and Rome as it's capital is explained and you'll start to get the scope of the picture.

     There are also two other aspects of this beast in which I will cover later here within this study.  One of which relates with the Beast with two horns spoken of within the book of Revelation.

History lesson number 1 :  The Eleven Horns

     Yep, you read it correctly.  Eleven horns and a history lesson.  These horns are the provinces from the start of Rome up to the time of Diocletian.  Aside from dividing the Roman Empire into East and West, Diocletian also grouped and divided the territories/provinces into four major divisions known as prefectures of which is listed under what is called Diocletian's Reforms.  He made more divisions as time wore on.

     The four administrative resorts were restored by Emperor Constantine I under what is known as Diocletian's reforms in the form of what would be four major divisions known as Praetorian Prefectures.  Within these prefectures there are 15 main provinces known as Diocese's.  I know, there is more than 11 here, you have to remember we are talking about a divided empire.

     As I said, it is difficult to pinpoint, but, if one divides, adds and subtracts correctly, one can come up with the correct answer. You can also refer to the original provinces listed within the Dragon of Revelation .

     Of those 15 main divisions and subdivisions, there are eight of them (when paired) that form 4 groups which were/are related, that share or have shared previously over time the same territory and/or division.  These 4 "paired" groups would actually be a territory/province in and of itself totaling 4 provinces or dioceses.  Wow!  (15 - 4 = 11) !

     Ok, now that I've totally confused you (in which I do apologize) I'll give you the list of the 11.

1.   Galliae (France)
2.   Viennensis (Germany)
3.   Hispania (Spain)
4.   Britanniae (Britain)
5.   Italia (Italy)
6.   Africa
7.   Illyricum (Balkin Peninsula)
8.   Thrace (includes Greece)
9.   Asia
10. Oriens (middle east which includes medes/persians and babylon)
11. Kingdom of Dacia (Turkey) the last kingdom that was conquered with authority established in Byzantium
which would later be called Constantinople which is part of the old kingdom of brass / bronze known as the Greek empire.

     If you would like to check out Diocletian's Reforms please click here and you will have a new window to preview it in along with this study.  I would also like to suggest having a world map at your disposal or a globe.  National Geographic has a wonderful current version and it would help you in viewing the scope of what is being said here.

     History lesson number 2 :  The Ten Horns, little horn and the three horns that were plucked up by their roots Daniel (7 : 8) and the three kings that were subdued Daniel (7 : 24).

     Fast forward to Justinian I after Constantine.  Justinian I is the little horn.  He was emperor of the Eastern Empire known as the Byzantine empire as well as the West.  First, please consider what was spoken of in the prior study of Nebs Dream Part III on how the Roman Empire became divided and where the seat of power moved to along with what has been previously mentioned within this study up to this point.
     Seven Germanic tribes invaded the Roman Empire, both East and West.  Of whom three had conquered and taken possession of Empirical Territories in the West.  The Ostrogoths conquered Italy, The Vandals conquered North Africa, and the Visigoths conquered Southern Hispania.  Here you have three horns uprooted and three Kings established.
     Justinian I in turn re-conquered Italy and parts of Illyria from the Ostrogoths, North Africa from the Vandals, and Southern Hispania from the Visigoths.  Here you have the three kings that were subdued !

                                               1.  History of the Roman Empire
                                               2.  History of the Byzantine Empire
                                               3.  Germanic tribes invading the Roman Empire

     The hard part is over, here is the easy part.  The final two aspects of this beast which are the teeth of iron and nails of brass (bronze).  Daniel 7 : 19 will be discussed after the following brief message.

     The brief message :  Before I get to the above two aspects first let's go back to Daniel 4 : 10 - 15.  If you have a bible handy pull it out and read on.  This is a dream Nebuchadnezzar had in which Daniel had interpreted it for him.  It's unlike the dream of the image.  To understand the whole concept of this dream read all of chapter 4.  Aside from the interpretation that Daniel had given there is a hidden prophetical meaning which would later be revealed in the dream of the image and the four beasts and also for future reference for Mystery Babylon / Babylon the Great.

     The overview :  Daniel 4 : 10 - 15 :

     A tree grows great and strong but is later hewn down with the stumps of its roots being left in the ground with a band of iron and brass (bronze).

     Here is the hidden meaning.  From our studies so far we know that Babylon was conquered by the Medeo-Persian Empire.  Silver double edged ax anyone?  We also know that the brass (bronze) represented Greece that defeated the Medeo-Persians and that the iron represented Rome that defeated Greece and took control of all territories associated with the three prior kingdoms.

     Here's the clincher.  The Babylonian culture and religion survived through the Greek and Roman empires through adoption on throughout history up to this very day.  Think about it; history does reflect this truth.  This disease that is still within the world will soon be uprooted and burned in the future.

The final two aspects :  Daniel 7 : 19 :

     Back to the teeth of iron :  This would represent that this beast has the crushing power and also the voice of the Roman Empire.  This voice would later be transferred to the Beast with two horns like a lamb and speaks as a dragon spoken of in the Book of Revelation.

     The nails of brass (bronze) :  Although this beast representation would be the Roman Empire, it has brass (bronze) nails.  The answer to this would be that the Roman Empire had indoctrinated and adopted some of the culture of Greece as well as its religious and political aspects for their own use.  As I said before, study the history, don't just take my word for it. Come to your own conclusions and see if you would agree or disagree.

     From what the Holy Spirit has helped me to understand, the latter part of chapter 7 verses 19 - 28 concerns the Eastern half of the Roman Empire at the time with Justinian I as Emperor and coincides with the book of Revelation and has already begun previously within history; yet the ending is not yet for the West is next.  This would be future to Daniel but both ancient history and future history that has yet to happen for us.

Chapters 8 and 9 :

     All of chapter 8 has already historically happened and has been explained to Daniel by Gabriel within verses 18 - 27.  It pretty much is self explanatory.  This would be future to Daniel but ancient history to us.

     Surprise !  All of chapter 9 has already historically happened.  The command to rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah The Prince has happened, The Messiah's anointing has happened as recorded in Matthew 26 : 6-13, Mark 14 : 3-9, John 12 : 1-8, Luke 7 : 36-50, and Acts 10 : 38.  The Messiah had been cut off via death, burial, resurrection and ascension and this is where the covenant is confirmed with many.  Jerusalem destroyed again along with the sanctuary (temple) along with the ending of sacrifices and offerings as given and explained to Daniel by Gabriel within a vision.  Click here for the history and click here for the covenant confirmed.

     One will start to see and realize this truth as one continues on with the studies and with what has already been previously explained.  No wonder Daniel became ill for many days.