Neb's Dream - Part III

Daniel 2 : 25 - 45 

     Here is the final part to Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the image.  This is where a lot of misconceptions from so called "religious experts" come from and where none of them can agree except for the part that concerns Rome.

     First there is the legs of iron.  This of course is the Roman Empire which most scholars agree upon.   Also, the empire was in power before, during and after the Messiah's birth, death and resurrection along with all those included in the New Testament of the Bible.  Later, the empire became divided.  A historical fact that I'll mention later here.

     Let us now take a look at the feet and toes part of iron and part of clay and yet mixed together :

     First, the following facts as stated in the bible :

     1.  The iron kingdom became divided.

     2.  The feet and toes are both iron and clay, is a kingdom and will have the strength of the iron within it as well as it being partly strong (iron) and partly broken (clay).

     3.  There is an iron and clay mixture where the iron will mingle with the seed of men.

     4.  The iron and clay mixture will not cleave to one another.

Conclusion :  

     There are two entities here that are divided and separated but do form a whole.  In order for the iron empire to remain intact and go forth in it's conquest for world domination it must associate and mingle themselves with the offspring of men (hence the clay).  This is done through religion and governmental structures.  Politics aside, the main emphasis is Rome.

     Take a closer look at the toes of clay and iron.   Herein is another division.  Not only of the feet but the toes as well.  10 of iron and 10 of clay.  They are mixed, but, the 10 of iron will not cleave to the 10 of clay.  Follow me so far?  If so, good.  If not, sit and meditate a minute or two and try to grasp the concept of what is being said here.

A quick history lesson on how the iron empire known as the Roman Empire became divided :

      The transition from a single united empire to the later divided Western and Eastern Empire was a gradual transformation.  In July 285, Diocletian defeated rival Emperor Carinus and briefly became sole emperor of the Roman Empire.

     Diocletian saw the vast Roman Empire was ungovernable by a single emperor in the face of internal pressures and military threats on two fronts.   He therefore split the Empire in half along a north-west axis just east of Italy and created two equal Emperors to rule under the title of Augustus also while establishing a Tetrarchy.  Diocletian was Augustus of the eastern half and gave his long-time friend Maximian the title of Augustus in the western half.

     In doing so, Diocletian created what would become the Western Roman Empire (in which it retained its title of being the Roman Empire) and the Eastern Roman Empire (which was given the title of the Byzantine Empire).   Later, Constantine I created a second capital, Nova Roma, known after him as Constantinople, which became the permanent seat of the Eastern Empire for the original Roman Emperor Successors up to the reign of the last Emperor of the East.

Fast forward to present day Italy and Rome as it's capital :

     Rome is now just a capital that resides within Italy.  Something isn't it?  An empire reduced to a capital.  Little horn fits it quite perfectly although this little horn that is so much talked about would refer to an emperor that has come and gone already rather than what the "religious experts" would have one think.

     Italy's official title is The Italian Republic with a President and Prime Minister.  It is also of noteworthy importance that Italy once had kings.  Rome is also known as the city of seven hills and simultaneously The Vatican along with Vatican City resides within Rome and is recognized as its own church and state with the office of Pope being recognized as office of King Caesar due to the Lateran treaty of 1929.  There is more to the story here than meets the eye and I'll cover that in studies concerning Daniels dream and the book of revelation.  It is quite a tangled web that has been woven.

     This concludes the quick history lesson.  It is an absolute must to understand the history of Rome from the past up to the present as well as other historical aspects, both past and present, to understand the relation of history and bible prophecy.  I'm just giving the gist or key points of it without the exhaustive details of everything that has happened historically.   I did the work for you.  You can take it as is or go on a quest yourself and do a study.

     If you noticed something, the iron and clay is considered a kingdom; a divided kingdom with the strength of the iron within.  If you know anything about iron, it rusts; hence the iron/clay mixture.  Iron tends to stay around quite awhile but eventually is prone to decay.  Great example concerning the Roman Empire in which it no longer exists.  On the other hand, Rome and Italy presently do exist as well as the western roman catholic church and the eastern byzantine orthodox catholic church left over from the division of the Roman Empire.

Now for the rest of the story, the explanative:

     Most of modern day "religious experts" talk of a revived roman empire through the European Union (known as the European Commission which has more than 10 members by the way).  This is not to be confused with the Western European Union (which has exactly 10 member countries and is also known as the military alliance that was formed in 1955).  The UK officially started withdrawal from the European Union March 29, 2017 known as Brexit and the UK has finally exited the European Union.

     Here is additional info concerning Turkey and Recep Erdogan.

     The 10 of Iron :  The Western European Union :  Formed in 1954 and had its own flag with exactly 10 stars and is headquartered in Brussels and was declared officially defunct on June 30, 2011 and was known as the Military Alliance.  They could very well be the 10 horns of the harlot that rides the beast that gave their power and strength unto the beast according to Revelation 17 : 13.  It's highly plausible but since Brexit happened the 10 horns could very well be the following after Brexit.

     Here are the original 11 of iron from the Roman Empire that became divided as mentioned in Daniels Dream Part III

1.   Galliae (France)
2.   Viennensis (Germany)
3.   Hispania (Spain)

4.   Britanniae (Britain)  UK withdrawl from the European Union known as Brexit.  Now we are down to 10.

5.   Italia (Italy)
6.   Africa
7.   Illyricum (Balkin Peninsula)
8.   Thrace (includes Greece)
9.   Asia
10. Oriens (middle east which includes medes/persians and babylon)

11. Kingdom of Dacia (Turkey) the last kingdom that was conquered with authority established in Byzantium which would later be called Constantinople which is part of the old kingdom of brass / bronze known as the Greek empire.  Dacia was originally the western half of the roman empire and the head of the byzantine catholic church still presides there to this very day.  Read up on the Gog and Magog study for more information.

     Up to date prophetical fulfillment ! 

     Notice that Italy is a member and what is the capital of Italy?  Rome! What resides in Rome?  Vatican City, the Pope, and the Roman Catholic Church!  That which is left of the original Roman Empire by Diocletian also known as the Western half of the Roman Empire! Note that Rome is an "associate member", not a full fledged member.  Hence no cleaving!  It is also worthy to note that all members of the Western European Union (known as the Military Alliance) are also members of the European Union (known as the European Commission) as well as being members of the United Nations (although the Vatican is an "observer state" within the United Nations which again there is no cleaving)!

The 10 of  Clay with the strength of Iron within : 

     First there is the United Nations which comprises 192 member countries (nearly every country in the world).  The United Nations considers itself to be a governing body.  The iron again is the Holy See (Rome and the Vatican) and is considered a permanent "observer state" and has a right to participate within the United Nations (again there is no cleaving) and now we have the mingling with the seed of men. 

      This is The New World Order established through the United Nations and the World Trade Organization.  Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.  It consists of 10 trade divisions as follows :

1.  NAFTA (consisting of North America, Canada and Mexico).  Now in 2019 called the USMCA
2.  Western Europe.
3.  Eastern Europe including Russia.
4.  Latin America.
5.  Japan.
6.  North Africa and the Middle East.
7.  Tropical Africa.
8.  South and Southeast Asia.
9.  China.
10.  Australia including South Africa and the rest of the market-economy and the known world.

     Note:  Within the United Nations, the Pope is seated up front (within his own throne) separate and next to the delegates with the rest of the world looking up front in subjection.  Obviously there is something amiss here.

     There you have it.  The 10 of iron and the 10 of Clay.  Two halves that make up the whole and the statue just might be starting to crumble in our present day and year of 2017.

     Notes :  On September 25, 2018 President Trump announces fatal blow to the Globalists / New World Order at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.  It is the most empowering speech made by any President stating how the United States of America will never surrender its sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable global bureaucracy that has no legitimacy, jurisdiction or authority nor be taken advantage of nor give in or be held hostage to discredited ideologies.  The war is on!  Watch President Trump's speech by clicking on this following link.  Trump at UN General Assembly or you can choose to read here at now the end begins

     December 15, 2019 :  President Trump liberates America from globalist plot.  Cripples world trade organization.  Watch this video to the end and you will see the proof of the truth of what the world trade organization had planned. 

     You will get the scope of what is being stated by viewing this picture.

Final Conclusion :

     A world empire has evolved and is now currently in place although I have not heard of it being officially declared as of yet.   There will come one of dark countenance who will rule both the above aspects explained in which I am most certain will happen shortly and the glue between the two is Rome.

     Not to fear, there is one kingdom coming that will destroy this image as noted within Nebuchadnezzar's dream Part IV.  We currently are living within the most amazing and exciting times of our lives concerning bible prophecy!  As I have promised, I'll be showing how this image of the statue ties in and fits like a hand in a glove with Daniel's dream of the four beasts as well as the Dragon and three beasts mentioned in the book of revelation.

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