Neb's Dream - Part II

Daniel 2 : 25 - 45 

     Ok, we just read about Daniels interpretation of King Nebuchadnezzar's dream.  For some odd reason, organized religion can not seem to come together  and agree as one in what the correct interpretation of this passage concerning the image when it comes to the feet and toes of iron and clay.  They are in total discord let alone those who attempted to interpret outside of organized religion and ended up in a rabbit hole of deception and illusion.  Here is what Yahweh El Shaddai showed me and it makes total perfect sense to me although others may disagree.

     Note:  History has proven Daniel's interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar's dream to be accurate.  I found not only this to be true in the past but the present as well.  One has to study history, it is of upmost importance to do so concerning biblical prophecy.

     Let's take a look at the first three aspects of the image :

1.  The head of gold -  this, of course is/was the Babylonian empire (modern day Iraq).

2.  Breast and arms of silver - is the Mede/Persian empire (modern day Iran and according to
     history the Medes and Persians were/are relatives) that defeated the Babylonian empire.

3.  Belly and thighs of brass - the Empire of Greece (Alexander the Great defeating Persia
     and other parts of the known world).   As an added note, brass is actually bronze here within this verse
     and will be covered more in detail later in the studies of the book of revelation.

     All three aspcets have been recorded in the history books and one can find it readily available for study.

     Part three will be a little lengthy.  This is where I explain a type of empire that has been more diverse in it's history than the previous ones and is still in power today only through the guise of religion and it's own church and state.  Rome.  There is more than one part within biblical prophecy concerning the Roman Empire and I will cover each aspect.  Two of which are in the book of Daniel and of course the rest in Revelation.  This is where one must pay close attention for it entails it's beginning, present and future with ties in the United Nations / New World Order, The Western European Union  (not to be confused with the European Union), and of course the Vatican with it's subsequent destruction.

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