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      June 29, 2020 :  Task force created to take down anti-government extremists including ANTIFA.
      River turns blood red in Israel reported due to "corona restrictions" May 14.  Waterways around the world
      June 27, 2020 :  Funding the BLM movement to be a proxy army by "The Establishment" via George Soros.
      June 26, 2020 :  Yes !!  Black Man going against chop; tearing down barricades and up turning tables.
                      Every American and those around the world should be doing what he did against these domestic
                      terrorists that plague our nation and the world !  Good Job and great example of a true patriot !
                      Round them and the libtarded leftist politically correct world ordered Demo-demons up and throw
                      away the key !
      June 25, 2020 :  Crimes against common sense.  Wake up, people.  Biblically, it's people of God who got up
                     and actually did something !  Why are you still sitting on your behinds doing nothing ?  You are part
                     part of the problem by not doing anything; salvation only comes when you act !  Get moving !
      June 21, 2020 :  Muhammed Ali's only biological son states, "My father would of said that BLM are nothing
                      but devils."  Ali's son has also stated and equates ANTIFA with muslim terrorists.
                      On May 31, 2020 rioters of BLM and Antifa face off with Italian bakery shop.  The Italians
                      were not going to sit back and let it happen.  Mess with the Italians for those of you in BLM and
                      Antifa and you will have nice ocean front property with plenty of cement.  Kapish ?  Messages of
                      support for the Italians came from Italy.
      June 19, 2020 :  No, the eclipse that is happening this coming June 21 is not an impending sign of doomsday.
                     Please read The Mystery of Seven Thunders for more information of what could be the actual
                     season of when biblical prophecies could unfold and quit following the nutcases.  THINK and research !
      June 18, 2020 :  Hang in there Mr. President.  You are thee man that can turn this country around, they did this
                    the first time before you were elected into office and failed.  They will fail miserably the second time.
                    After you are elected for your second term, HAMMER AND NAIL THEM DOWN !!!!
                    THAT'S RIGHT ANTIFA !  Get the F**k out of Ohio, we have you in the crosshairs along with your
                    p*ssy warlord Raz too !  Your movement will be destroyed along with the Democrats being voted out.
                    The Patriots and militia are United against you bunch of ignorant, lazy, non-working zombie thugs.
                    Soon...very soon, you will wish you weren't a part of the socialist / communist manifesto.
                    Greenwich Time :  Militia Groups respond with online threats and armed intimidation.
     WTF ??!!!  June 16, 2020 :  This should piss every Veteran off !  Veterans Unite !  Vote the Dems out of office !
                   Pelosi gifts George Floyd's brother folded American Flag reserved only for fallen veterans !
     Alert !  June 15, 2020 :  Possible future blood shed.  Raz (so called warlord) of the autonomous zone in
                   Seattle is caught on video handing out AR-15's to random young activists.
     June 14, 2020 :  CNN crews attacked in Atlanta.  Serves them right for serving fake news poo poo platters !
     June 11, 2020 :  Trump on Seattle, "If we have to go in, we're going to go in."
     June 9, 2020 :  Black Georgia State Trooper to Black Live Matters protestors states, "I only kneel for God". 
                    Damned right !  I stand with and support this man who has such a high intelligence and is separate
                    from the programmed main stream media sheeple and neanderthals.
     June 8, 2020 :  If you buy, invest or support bit-coin;  you are a damned fool and you will lose total financial
                    freedom, you will be electronically tracked for all purchases and not be able to save one thin dime
                    in your piggy bank at home if ever it replaces currency.  Say no to crypto-currencies !
                         A new face on an old concept, instead of dollars and coins to make a purchase, it will be a
                    chip and a computer.  We are being programmed via the electronic transactions that we make
                    right now for a currency take over !  Destroy bit-coin before it destroys you, your freedoms and
                    the future of your children's freedoms before it is too late.  You have been warned and notified.
     June 6, 2020 :  Exposed !  George Soros and the secret origins of black lives matter.  Soros funding Antifa.
     June 3, 2020 :  Whopping 92% of Democrats found to be pathologically uninformed about the facts of reality.
                           President Trump's Executive Order to end political bias by big tech giants.
                           The deliberate murder of George Floyd to unleash race riots.  Analysis.
                           There are only 3 types of Americans :  Critical thinking has vanished except amongst Independents.
                           Dear Clueless America :  You were warned and The 6 new "extreme" religions.
     June 1, 2020 :  President Trump, "The United states will designate Antifa as a terrorist organization."
                           Excellent !  The United States Militia is standing by locked and loaded.  JP

     May 30, 2020 :  Another death blow to the New World Order !  President Trump announces that the United States
                        will cut all ties to the WHO (world health organization).  Go Donny, Go !  Get 'er done !
                             Big Pharma = Big China and its CDC counterparts have just been given the shlong.
     May 28, 2020 Eric Garner and George Floyd.  Coincidence or manufactured ??  Both stated, "I can't breath",
                        while being apprehended and arrested by police officers.  Both incidences caused the same reaction.
     May 27, 2020 :  Big Tech Caught !  Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter are supporting Chinese
                        surveillance firms that have been blacklisted by the United States over human rights violations.
                        Article from the Citizens Journal
     May 15, 2020 :  Emmy-nominated anchor and correspondent Jeff Yastine, "America relies on foreign countries to
                        supply for its own basic needs.";  "Relying on China for Pharmaceutical Drugs and Medical Supplies
                        puts every American at risk."
                             "Trump has reversed the decline of the Obama years along with the outsourcing of jobs before
                        the Obama years and we are headed towards a small manufacturing boom."
     May 14, 2020 :  The new boss, same as the old boss.  Calls to abolish the World Trade Organization, the New
                         Order failed experiment of the Old World Order's conceptualization.  United States Senator Josh Hawley.
                         Related Article :  September 25 noteworthy news section further down this page now the end begins.
     May 9, 2020Warning !  China's Huawei products and OneConnect both marked in spying for Beijing with ties in
                       the 5G market industry.  The financial world's nervous system is being rewired and it's not the USA
                       that is doing it.  Ban products made in China and start investing in the United States of America !
                   China has a history of hacking the financial markets.  Bloomberg   CNN Business   Sydney Morning Herald
                   Having trouble sleeping ?  How about anxiety ?  Try listening to reiki or binaural beats sound therapy daily.
                   You might want to try integrating meditation into your daily routine; it's good for the mind, body and soul.
     May 2, 2020Morgan Stanley :  A deeper recession but not a depression in 2020.

     April 27, 2020Warning !  Have we just entered an economic black swan since the start of the great depression of 1929 ?
                              Another possible black swan event could happen 90 years after the start of World War 2.  Please read the
                        the mystery of seven thunders page concerning thunders 3, 5 and 6 and what could be a possible triple whammy.
                              The last ditch effort by a very desperate deep state.
     April 15, 2020 :  The middle class will get hit hard with debilitating tax increases via the Democratic Party.  News Article
                              from We the People Speaking; including the Pork House Bill that passed via House Porker Nancy Pelosi.
     April 13, 2020 :   Huckabee warns, "We're shredding the Constitution for quarantine."   Defends Trump in defunding the
                               (WHO) world health organization's actions in covering / hiding the Chinese government's mishandling of
                               the Covid-19 outbreak.
     April 13, 2020 :   Time to Sideline the False Prophets of Doom.  American Greatness
     April 10, 2020 :   CDC confesses to lying about the Covid-19 death numbers.
     April 8, 2020 :   Win or Lose.  The Democrats will try to destroy the Country.  January 16, 2020  Federalist Papers
     April 8, 2020 :   March 11, 2019 prediction that the Democrats will lose the House in 2020.  American Spectator
     April 3, 2020 IRS gives stimulus check details, says payments to begin in three weeks !
                             News article from Forbes March 30, 2020.
     April 1, 2020Presidential election years historically are among the worst periods of the 4 year presidential
                            cycle analysis for the Stock Market.  News article from Forbes December 16, 2015.
     March 20, 2020 :  Covid-19 is found in stool, wash your hands and quit playing with your poo !  Article from Forbes

                                 SARS CoV-2 is the virus that causes Covid-19 !  It is spread by those infected with
                            the SARS virus !  SARS-CoV-2 is primarily transmitted by droplets, via coughing or
                            sneezing, as opposed to transfer from surfaces, according to the CDC.
                                 Viral aerosolized droplets is not the primary mode of transmission for Covid-19 !
                                 Those infected touching anything with unwashed hands after defecating and unsanitary
                             public restrooms after use from an infected person would be the primary mode.
                                  Imports from infected third world countries that are on the store shelves will probably have
                             active viral strains for 2 or 3 days on plastic and metal; 1 day for cardboard.
                                            Hero's of the Day :  Your local custodial service technicians !

                 The history of the Corona Viruses ;  yes, there is more than one corona virus.
     This is a political ploy instituted by the Deep State Socialist Nazi Democratic Party and the main stream media propaganda machine which is a soft form experiment of medical martial law via "biological warfare" based on falsehood for the future via the world order you bunch of sheeple.  It is also flu season (October through May).  How many have died from the corona virus vs. the flu which is also a killer ?!  If the real deal happened, you wouldn't be reading this, you would be dead.  Isn't it coincidental that the corona virus quarantine could very well be officially lifted by the end of April you bunch of fools ?
     Italy announcement concerning time frame, don't be surprised when this time frame will be used as an example for the rest of the world since Rome and Istanbul are the heads of the world order via the UNThis time frame might be extended.
     Jan 30, 2020 :  Italian cruise ship quarantined for corona virus has ended, passenger diagnosed with flu.
     Feb 11, 2020 :  Coronavirus Quarantine Is Lifted for 195 people at March Air Reserve Base.
     Feb 20, 2020 : Corona virus quarantine order lifted for 90 at San Antonio base not showing symptoms.
     A note about San Antonio :  Just one of those 90 people that flew to the San Antonio base was diagnosed with COVID-19.  If one person was detained and the other 89 were released then one of four scenarios is being stated here.  First, the corona virus is not as contagious as it is being propagated to be.  Second, the people that were released do not nor will ever contract the corona virus.  Third, the people were released after possibly becoming infected to spread the virus.  Fourth, the person supposedly diagnosed with COVID-19 probably only had the flu.
     The U.S. State Leaders in the House of Representatives who gave up state sovereignty to the world health order's organization for this soft form of medical martial law by closing schools, taverns, casino's, etc., and by those spreading false narratives causing a nationwide panic through the mainstream media should be shot for committing treason and going against the will of the free people and the Constitution of the United States.  This is a Deep State Move.  China and businesses are pissed due to the trade war, too fu***ng bad.  The freedom fighters in the United States and around the world will not back down, not now, not ever. 
     Anyone in the U.S. who is or has closed shop due to so called "quarantine and social distancing" should re-open and tell the state F**K YOU !  This is a deception and I will not give in to your demands !!  FIGHT BACK PEOPLE !!  WE THE PEOPLE RULE THE GOVERNMENT, THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT RULE WE THE PEOPLE !!  If you don't learn your lesson and correct the situation now, your children will die for it in the future.
     Keep listening and tuning in to the idiot box you bunch of sheeple, it will be your downfall.  Ignorance is bliss with your heads in the sand.  Knowledge and Unity is power.  Invested in the stock market ?  BUY, BUY, BUY !!!

      February 24, 2020  :   Whistleblower against the Obama administration was shot dead !  Tea Party news article.

    When they are done investigating Hunter Biden someone might want to look at Nancy Pelosi's Son Paul Jr. and thoroughly investigate the Pelosi's Three Ukrainian officials swear under oath that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 U.S. Election against Donald Trump.

     December 30, 2019 :  President Trump exposes the Pelosi's shady dealings in Ukraine.