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A Short Story About 


     One bright sunny morning a Buddhist Monk went on a journey to visit a very prominent wise man known throughout the land.  The monk, having a question to present to the wise man, was curious as to the wise man's reply.

     At the end of his journey the Monk finally reached his destination.  After asking a few questions about where the wise man was located, he then strolled away after thanking those he had asked for giving him the directions as to the wise man's whereabouts.

      After a short while, the monk finally had arrived at the wise man's home where he was greeted by the wise man with a smile.  The wise man knew he was going to be visited by the monk and had a light meal prepared for the monk and himself where they sat and ate together laughing light-heartedly over good conversation and tales of each owns travels.

     Right after the end of the light-hearty meal the wise man invited the monk for a walk on a garden pathway located at a mountain top where they then can sit together and look at the valley at the bottom of the mountain.  The monk was quite thrilled about the invitation of viewing the scenery and accepted the invitation without hesitation; the wise man becoming delighted that his offered invitation had been accepted and off they went with the wise man happily leading the way.

     After a few hours, both of them finally reached the top of the mountain where they then sat Indian style in a half lotus position gazing at the scenery resting from the hike up the mountain side, the wise man then pointing out and explaining locations of the land set before them as the monk sat listening taking in the view of everything the wise man was pointing out and explaining to him.

     For a moment the wise man paused, reached within a pocket of his vesture and pulled some tobacco and a tobacco pipe out from within which was so cleverly concealed.  He then filled the pipe with tobacco, lit it with matches from a tinderbox he carried and proceeded to puff on it lightly enjoying the smooth flavorful texture and light aroma.

     The monk, realizing a golden opportunity to present his question to the wise man and satisfy his own curiosity as to the wise man's reply asked, "What is enlightenment?"

     A soft chuckle and smile came from the wise man as he drew a puff from his pipe looking at the monk with a glimmer of thoughtfulness in his eyes.  The monk smiled and was pleased that the wise man found his question to be a bit humorous to him while waiting on his reply.

     The wise man drew another puff from his pipe, the smoke swirling up and around as he looked at the monk with the same smiling expression prior to being asked his thoughts on the topic of enlightenment; inhaled the air through his nostrils deeply that almost sounded as if to sigh, held it for a moment, then exhaled and replied,

     "Enlightenment is clarity by searching, studying, learning, comprehending, perceiving, thinking, discerning, memorizing, listening, observing, questioning, experiencing, realizing and reflecting which leads to wisdom by using the knowledge learned to perceive and discern in order to understand and to know so that one may see clearly and finally know the truth which is crystal clear and all that is or ever will be known as truth."

     After drawing another another puff from his pipe, the wise man pointed with his finger in a kind gesture with the pipe in his hand toward the monk and said,  

      "I have lived, learned, studied, and experienced; therefore I know, but only in part. There is still much to teach, explore, experience, learn and do using good, sound, stable, ethical, moral judgment.  Follow and study the rules and laws of Life, Nature and the Universe.  Be obedient and Grow."

     The wise man then ended his statement with a nod, a smile and another soft light chuckle drawing a few more puffs from his pipe, the smoke continuing to swirl from an early summer breeze that carried with it a sweet fragrance of fresh mountain flowers in bloom. 

     Satisfied with the wise man's reply, the monk nodded his head in a positive gesture along with a smile and the two of them sat together silently watching and enjoying the scenery and sunset harmoniously in peace.

Life is an adventure, enjoy the ride !

Written by JWPJr  © 2010