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Song :  Beyond by Leon Bridges

Twin Flames

How my soul craves and longingly awaits
for the wound of separation to be healed
To rest peacefully and to live joyfully
with my beloved in my arms throughout eternity

Living a life mostly filled with emptiness,
sorrow, anger, expectation and uncertainty
Reaching out in desperation for answers silently
To a puzzle unsolved with some missing pieces
All the while thinking, questioning and searching

Having had dreams and visions of Her
over so many years and times ago together
A quick meeting in Spirit at 21
Unexplainable, breathtaking and beautiful
Our home and a treasure I found

"I knew you would make it", She said,
as I smiled and looked at Her on a Sunny Day
within a garden of green grass, trees and flowers
while we sat together basking in God's Glory

The only one whom can mend and soothe
This ache and burdensome pain
I have carried within since 8 turning 9
The first time realizing
I was only just a boy then
Knowing that She could be involved upon meeting

Being secretive of my discovery
As I started onward this journey
Others somehow knowing giving no explanation
Without me saying any words

How many times over and so cautiously I tried
Not to be moved, captured or enchanted
My heart broken once before, yea twice
The walls surrounding me melted
with her undying unconditional love
Allowing my strength to weaken
and to be charmed by her gentleness
To be captivated and entranced

How could I have been so reckless !
Careless !  Such a fool !

Visions and memories haunting me
While tears stream down into the ocean
With no pieces left to recover
as I sail into the Dark Night
Being reminded of a former love and left broken
Now only living just to exist in this worldly prison

Hoping to be and just to be with my truest love
God-Mates finally finding each other
Unexpectedly over a period of space and time
A divinely protected relationship
As I wait longingly and patiently alone
for Life and the Universe to settle the score

Having answered the call before incarnation
Left only to be with Desire, Destiny
and fulfill a promise kept, fated, solved
Always, Eternal and Forever
How I achingly miss you My Love

by JWPJr April 29, 2016  ©

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