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Velvet Wings

I've been no stranger to darkness
Lovingly and silently She approaches
Enveloping me within velvet wings
Watching, protecting and caressing
I surrender comfortably sinking
Enduring and embracing sweet pain

Injustices and broken promises
Betrayals, confusion and lies
To Ashes, ruin and dust
All I have within me hiding
Cloaked with smiling eyes
Is hate, anger and lust
No more or anyone can I trust
Love hath turned and runs like rust

She understands and asks
Cautiously, quietly, so softly
With Tone A and a whisper
gently "What shall we sing ?"
Far off in the distance faintly
I hear the sound of bells ring
My heart melts, this soul cries
I don't ever want to say goodbye

Every waking moment I have
Is about My Love and Adoration
I sit alone within myself,

Looking at a mirrors reflection
A numb, broken and empty shell
How incomplete and hollow
Secrets, questions and clues
Waters receded and became shallow

Breathlessly the Dark Angels call
While watching over me
As droplets of water fall
Upon my face specifically
I remember her ecstatic scent
The gentle kiss of her lips
Deified, balanced and complete
Four blood platelets eclipse

A future woven in a Song of Swans
The Spirit of Loving Joy singing
Being reminded of pure white doves
A story of Me and My Beloved
Whilst I sweetly listen

Together as one in this life
With all its joy and the pain
Standing and holding each other
Laughing and crying embraced
In the warm summer rain

Waking up in the morning and
Saying I love you let's have
some fun today or We can be
sitting silently side by side
On bails of hay by a fire smiling
Looking at the setting suns rays

Traveling on adventures together
The rainbows, planets and moons
How is your breakfast ?
Golden sunlight or softness of noon ?

This Angel often wondered
If, when and would His Angel appear
Surprised to find that they are both
Two stars passing ever so near

With all that life has to offer
I couldn't have a greater gift
Although one day I will end
With a thunder, shake and a sift

To My Beautiful Favorite Forever Gem
My Breath, My Life, My Vision, My All
My Truest Love, All Of My Love
With Heaven's Light and Autumn's Fall
You are My Song and Treasure Jewels
With you and you only I belong

by JWPJr October 18, 2017  ©

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