Prose, Poems and Short stories

    Twin Flames - a poem by
    A short story about enlightenment - by
    Don't Quit - A poem by Anonymous
    The Dash - A poem by Linda Ellis
    Velvet Wings - a poem by
    As I Began To Love Myself - by Charlie Chaplin
    Let There Be - by
    A Grateful Message - Anonymous
    The Boob - by

1.  What is :  A prose ?

2.  All about :  Poetry

3.  What are :  Short Stories ?

4.  Nursery Rhymes, Fairy Tales and Folklore :  Sacred Texts
  "Consider the nursery rhyme; riddles and life lessons in a rhyme; its not just for kids."

Here are some  Wise Old Sayings  and  Quotes by Marc and Angel for an added touch.