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The Four Blood Red Moons :  My view on what may happen in the near future.  Click here to read.

The Sounding of the First Angel and the Fourth Pouring :

     Earth's ozone depletion  which just might be in relation to what is written within  Revelation Chapters 8 and 16.

The Burden of Damascus :   Could Old Testament prophecies foretold by Isaiah and Jeremiah be unfolding within our lifetime and coincide with other prophetical biblical events?  A hot topic to keep a close eye on !

      The New York Times - U.S. Embassy in Syria Closes as Violence Flares
      Naharnet - Japan closes its embassy amid violence in Syria
      Global Post - 6 Arab states close Syrian embassies
      YouTube video - USA Closes Embassy In Damascus Syria Bible Prophecy
      ISIS take over Syria army base, behead soldiers: Activists

The Burden of Egypt :  Has it begun ??  Click here to view a video concerning Isaiah 19.

Four Angels of the Euphrates River :  A Voice Within America Exclusive !

Euphrates Drying up making way for the Kings of the East !! 

     Euphrates River originates in Turkey :  click here to read.
     The Euphrates Dam :  click here to read.

     More on Dams of the Euphrates :  click here to read the fourth dam being created which may very well relate to the four angels of the Euphrates River as spoken of in the book of Revelation.  For additional information, refer to chapter 9 in the prophetical timeline.

     New York Times - Iraq suffers as the Euphrates Dwindles :  Reported July 13, 2009
     You Tube - Euphrates River drying up :  March 14, 2013
     ISIS Captures Iraq's Biggest Dam: Baghdad Water Supply In Jeopardy :  August 3, 2014
     Islamic State militants threaten Turkey with violence if Euphrates water supply not restored :  August 11, 2014
     U.S Airstrikes target ISIS fighters near second largest dam in Iraq :  September 9, 2014

The coming of the Final Pope :  Could the next pope be the final pope and are we on the eve of Armageddon ??

     CBS - Pope Benedict to resign this month
     CNN - Pope too tired to go on
     Arrest Warrant for “Crimes against Humanity” force Pope Benedict XVI’s Resignation
     BBC - Pope Benedict 'will not interfere in successor's affairs'
     Yahoo News - Pope to be called emeritus pope
     Pope praying, packing ahead of move out of Vatican - World news - Europe | NBC News
     Christian Science Monitor -With Pope Benedict's retirement, the where is clearer than the how

     Rise of the Eighth Head and World War Three

Two horns like a lamb speaks as a devil :

     Benedict returns to Vatican to live side by side with Pope Francis
     The Beast and The Final Pope
     So what's in a name ?

Cosmic Signs in and from the Heavens :  Wake up calls from God Almighty's universe time clock.

     Click here for 322 tetrads and the time of Jacobs trouble. 
     This will relate and coincide to what is written in The Mystery of Seven Thunders section

     Day Pope announces resignation :  Lightning strikes the Vatican
     Fox News :  Meteor Falls in Russia
     The signs of the heavens :  The Spiritual Awakening of the Jews and the Lost Israelites – Part Two
     Christian Astrology :  Click here

Trumpet Blasts :  Videos - Could what have happened recently correlate to Matthew 24:31, Revelation 8:13 and 9:14 ??

     Trumpets are sounding
     Seven trumpets of the Apocalypse
     Strange apocalyptic sounds heard worldwide 2013

The Seas, Rivers and Lakes Turning Blood Red :  Videos

     The seas turning blood red
     Rivers and Lakes turn blood red
     Texas Lake turns blood red
     Florida Water Turns blood red

Signs of the end within the world according to Biblical Prophecy :  More wake up calls from God Almighty.

     Huffington Post :  Dead fish, birds wash up on Lake Erie Shores
     Yahoo News :  Yangtze River Turns Red
     AOL :  Thousands of Dead Prawn wash ashore
     End Times Prophecy :  Mass Animal Deaths

The Temple Mount :

     July 10, 2013 :  Oldest Ever Artifact Discovered in Jerusalem
     September 23, 2013 :  Video: Activist Shakes Lulav on Temple Mount
     June 4, 2014 :  Jordan Condemns Israel for allowing Jews onto the Temple Mount
     December 20, 2014 :  Temple Institute produces pure olive oil for the Temple Menorah
     March 15, 2015 :  Jews can pray on the Temple Mount
     March 23, 2015 :  Jerusalem court upholds Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount

Christian Persecution :  

     Reuters :  About 100 million Christians persecuted worldwide

Anti-Semitism :  

     August 30, 2013 :  Iran Vows Continued Support for 'Palestinian Resistance'
     June 3, 2014 :  Samaria Jews protest surge of Arab terror
     November 9, 2014 :  Iran states "Time to Destroy Israel"

The Sabbath

     For the truth about the Sabbath day :  click here
     For information concerning the Sabbath year :  click here

The Bride of Christ :  

     Straight from the bible stating who Christ's bride actually is :  The Bride of Christ

Occult Symbolism

     The Vigilant Citizen :  Sinister Sites around the Globe

Recordings of others whom are doing their homework

     Note :  Careful here, some information contained such as a Sunday law and the mark is untrue.  What they have concerning world events, historical events, comparisons and discoveries are noteworthy.

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     2.  End of the world prophecies :  Signs of the end of the world
     3.  Iron Mountain :  The Blueprint for Tyranny
     4.  The Georgia Guide Stones :  American Stonehenge
     5.  Revelation happening now :  7 trumpets blowing :  click here
     6.  Watch this and you will know we are in the end time :  click here
     7.  Zeitgeist :  Movie - The Federal Reserve
     8.  Real Truth Magazine :
     9. The Harbinger :  Speech by Jonathan Cahn