Prophetical Studies

God Bless You and welcome to my bible prophecy page.

      I've done some serious and exhaustive studies over a period of several years prior to this websites construction in regards to bible prophecy.  I pretty much have it in a nutshell in which it is being presented in an orderly fashion.

     You'll learn as to why I believe we are at the cusp of what could be exciting times ahead.  The false prophets, ministers of darkness posing as angels of light, the blind leading the blind and wolves in sheep's clothing choose to manipulate assuming they will gain the upper hand thinking they can get inside your head, control you and keep one from knowing the real truth.  They forget whose in charge, Yahweh El Shaddai and He personally calls, teaches, protects, guides and blesses those who wish to truly know him, his word and the truth.  The so called "religious experts" will charge you for this information concerning bible prophecy.  I will be telling you what they aren't teaching as well as overlooking for free. 

     There are those who have done some work and they deserve credit; but I found that they fell short or went out on a limb or only went so far and ended.  I've taken the task of cleaning up and going forward where some of these sincere individuals have put their efforts.

      One might agree or disagree with how I may see the world currently in relation to prophecy.  What ever the case, the way I see it and what I have found (with the help of others in certain areas) is certainly outside of the box and aside from the dogmatic teachings of "organized religion" and "organized paganistic religions" in which I've been called out of by the Almighty Himself.

     You don't have to believe me and I'm not asking you to.  Question everything, seek, search, study, think and then make your decision.

Before going onward to the studies, I'd like to say :

     First, the Book of Revelation is in chronological order and that God Almighty is not the author of confusion unlike the ravenous wolves who are making money from those looking for answers by playing on their emotions and robbing them blind. 
     However, there are ministers and counselors who are siding with truth and are chosen by God Almighty that are helping those in need that do deserve monetary gain.  Freely it has been given, it is up to each individual to go to God Almighty who does the revealing and reveals it to those who ask and He will lead and guide you to find the answers.
     God Almighty also chooses certain individuals that are willing to do his work and present it free of charge.  I am not out to rob anyone of any hard earned money or manipulate anyone for that matter.  Honesty is the best policy with no strings attached.

     Second, I have found the Book of Revelation to be actually two books within one.  Chapters 1 through 11 explains what has or will happen down to the establishment of the Millennial Kingdom before the Son of God whom is Yahushua the Messiah hands it over to the Father whom is Yahweh El Shaddai, which will in turn become the Heavenly Kingdom.  Chapters 12 through 22 gives the complete history of what has happened and subsequently will happen from the start of Israel being attacked by Rome to the final establishment of the Heavenly Kingdom which will then be re-established upon a purified new heaven and earth.

     This would also be kind of surprising in relating to the World Trade Center Twin Towers.  Think about it.  It is a prophetical book and of course what was hidden now has been revealed after the fact.

    Please read in order of listing.  Everything written is put within an orderly outlined relative context so that hopefully one will not become confused.  It all leads to a final ending.  One must understand the past first in order to understand the present and where one is headed in the future.  Putting the cart before the horse will get oneself nowhere as well getting frustrated and confused although in certain cases it has to happen in order to give the horse a rest as one will find out within the studies.  You have been forewarned.

    Please take your time.  There is no need to rush.  The end of the world isn't going to happen at the next sound of a finger snap.  I'll be as brief as possible without lengthy lecturing which some do and try to make themselves look more intelligent than they really are to make a point.  In other words, I'll try to keep it short and sweet.  I'll be quoting from the 1611 King James Authorized English translation of the bible, no other bible following the 1611 KJV will be used.

     All studies have been compiled and based off of original writings of my own or other information obtained before January 1 of the year 2010 unless otherwise stated within any particular study written concerning time frame of calendar date.

    My prayer is for the peace of Jerusalem and for God Almighty to help us all that hope for Righteousness, Freedom, Liberty, Abundance, Truth, Peace, Life, Love and Joy immeasurable as well as for those of us willing to initialize action to ensure and keep those God given rights both now and forever after till when the Eternal Kingdom arrives in the near future.  Amen, Hallelu-Yah.

    If one finds what is written within to be foolishness, I'd like to point out what is written within the bible :

     1 Corinthians 1:27  "But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty."


Part  A :  Daniel 2 : 25 - 45

     Part 1 - Nebs Dream
     Part 2 - Nebs Dream
     Part 3 - Nebs Dream
     Part 4 - Nebs Dream

Part  B :  Daniel Chapters 7 - 8

     Part 1 - Daniel's Dream
     Part 2 - Daniel's Dream
     Part 3 - Daniel's Dream

Part  C :  The Book of Revelation

     Part 1 - The Dragon
     Part 2 - The Sea Beast
     Part 3 - The Earth Beast
     Part 4 - The Harlot That Rides The Beast
     Part 5 - The Mark Of The Beast and 666
Part D :  Additional Studies

       The Beast and The Final Pope
       Rise of the Eighth Head and World War Three
       The Ten Horns of The Harlot / Beast
       Satan's Throne and the Gog / Magog War
       The Abomination of Desolation
       The Devil's Triangle
       Nine Frogs
       The False Prophet
       The Synagogue of Satan
       Mystery of Seven Thunders
       The Martyrs and Saints that are slain
       Timeline of Events
       The Two Witnesses
       The Last Generation
       The Four Blood Red Moons


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     Note :  Is the current President of the United States of America Donald Trump the Anti-Christ ?  The answer is no, and neither will the next president be nor the next president after that you bunch of nitwits and bumbling religious ignorant buffoons.  Not one of your prophecies has come true concerning the Anti-Christ nor any of your religious theoretical doctrines of demons and devils within the organization of religion be it False-Christianity or religions of some other sort such as : satanism, witchcraft, etc since they are all under the same illusion and they all follow like un-knowing sheeple without questioning.  The bible are words of truth, it is up to you to study and to question, to seek and to find, to knock and have the door opened unto you to show thyself approved.  Anything short of that is just plain laziness.  You are where you are because you chose to be and it can change if you want it to and if you really desire it.  Break out of the matrix of deception and illusion here and now.

     Additional note :  Saying God Dam isn't using God's name in vain for the name isn't even mentioned.  God is a title given to first the Father of Creation, The Son of God, Angels, Demons, men (goddess for the female) and even the Devil Himself.  Duh !  As a collective the term Gods would be used for both Masculine and Feminine together as a whole.