My Thoughts :  A free mind is a dangerous thing and there are those who wish you not to have it.


     Question :  Is the glass half empty of fluid or half full of fluid ?  

        Answer :  That depends on whether the fluid was poured into the glass or emptied out of the glass. 
                  Thank you Bill Cosby for an enlightening message.

     Let's take this one step further and bring it on home.  I would say the glass is filled to overflowing, half filled with liquid and the other half filled with air that is surrounded by its atmosphere.  The glass is never empty and is always filled to overflowing.  Now that's what is called thinking outside of the box.


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      Chemtrails ?  Contrails ?   :  A government conspiracy ?  Is the ozone being purposely depleted or are we being protected from the harmful effects of ozone depletion ?  Many, many questions and theories concerning this subject.

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     Song :  Alice in Chains - check my brain


Song :  God's Not Dead by the Newsboys

On the Existence of God

     Science is not able to disprove the existence of God but they are starting to find out that there is an intelligent designer behind the creation of the universe.

     There is also a statement within the Bible that says " A fool says there is no God. " 

     Based on my personal experience and observations along with some confirmations as well as prayers being answered aside from having dreams and visions which have come true within my own life I can affirmatively say :  "Yes Virginia, there is a God but there is no santa claus or flying reindeer or elves at the north pole or easter bunny for that matter.  You can choose not to believe me of course."

     Why are we lying to our children ?  Why are we teaching our children that believing in lies, illusion and made up fantasies are okay and normal ?  Why are we teaching our children to shut up, don't ask questions and to follow blindly ?  I'm not saying there isn't anything wrong with story telling here and I hope one gets the point in what I'm getting at and trying to say without using a whole slew of words to make a point.

     Shouldn't we be teaching our children that good moral behavior, critical thinking, personal experience, the truth, knowledge, self-education, the great outdoors, love, adventure and anything else outside of lies, illusion, perversity and made up fantasies are okay and normal ?

     Shouldn't we also be teaching our children that telling a truth based off of a truth without a full explanation is a half-truth and ultimately a lie by use of deceptive means and evil intent ?

     This goes for you adults as well that have fallen for it and suffer delusional and impaired thinking based off of adversity, illusion, perversion, lies and fantasy along with being almost completely brain dead and brainwashed from the point of birth and have done nothing else for yourselves except conform with the rest of the herd.

     Some may ask, " Well if there is a God, why does he allow such atrocities to happen in this world ? "  I can simply answer that question with this answer :  " He is allowing the karmic justice to be played out which are the universal laws that He has enforced.  There was an action that caused a reaction in which case legal justification came into play.  He isn't going to usurp His own authority and make himself look like a fool. "

     I hope I ruffled your feathers. 

          1.  Amazing proof that God exists 

          2.  100 % irrefutable of God's existence.   Note :  the example stating that flowers die in this video would be wrong.  A flower is the sex organ of the actual plant that produces other plants, fruit, vegetables, etc.   No plant plus no flower emanating from the plant equals no fruits and veggies, honey, etc. ! 

          Guess what you been smelling !  What you've also been picking equals neutering of a plant !

          3.  Scientists prove Almighty God's existence through science.

          4.  Science finds proof on the existence of God.

          5.  Atheist Scientist becomes Christian after researching evidence for God


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