My Thoughts :  A free mind is a dangerous thing and there are those who wish you not to have it.


     Question :  Is the glass half empty of fluid or half full of fluid ?  

        Answer :  That depends on whether the fluid was poured into the glass or emptied out of the glass. 
                  Thank you Bill Cosby for an enlightening message.

     Let's take this one step further and bring it on home.  I would say the glass is filled to overflowing, half filled with liquid and the other half filled with air that is surrounded by its atmosphere.  The glass is never empty and is always filled to overflowing.  Now that's what is called thinking outside of the box.


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      Chemtrails ?  Contrails ?   :  A government conspiracy ?  Is the ozone being purposely depleted or are we being protected from the harmful effects of ozone depletion ?  Many, many questions and theories concerning this subject.

     Know about the benefits of meditation.

     Song :  Alice in Chains - check my brain


Project Blue Beam

     The idea isn't very far fetched.  If one is familiar on how special effects are done in movies with a blue or green screen now scientists are using the ozone and dust particles in the air you breath.

     I remember coming across some articles a few years before this website was published concerning some of this information and now the public is starting to be slowly desensitized to what may come in the near future.

    Ever see television commercials or movies with a holographic computer screen that pops up in mid air lately ?  I have.  It's coming and they have already made their announcement and this was made public via television approximately in the year 2016.  I very rarely watch television, or movies for that matter, but while over my brother's house he had the television on and the commercial I saw made my jaw drop concerning a woman who wanted a tattoo removal that of course she got while drunk.  She did a search for a doctor who does tattoo removals and then calls a particular doctor and shows him the tattoo all through a screen that pops up in mid air while just using only her hand.  Speaking of tattoos, make sure the tat has some story behind it before getting one.  Got to live your story first before getting any.  I got a few back tats myself, and proud of them.

     This would also coincide with the idea of holographic imagery.  

     If I come across more information concerning this subject I will be posting it here.

     Below are a few links to go on :

Project Blue Beam

Hoax Slayer - pen shaped miniature personal computer

     Something to ponder and think about.


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