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     Question :  Is the glass half empty of fluid or half full of fluid ?   Answer :  That depends on whether the fluid was poured into the glass or emptied out of the glass.

                           Thank you Bill Cosby for an enlightening message.


1.  The Last Laugh
2.  The History of Modern Terrorism
3.  Planet X
4.  Shariah Law
5.  Banks and Capitalized Interest
6.  The Explanation of Déjà vu 
  7.  Biorhythms and Biological Rhythms 
  8.  On the existence of God
  9.  About the subject of good and evil
10.  Project Blue Beam
11.  The Media and Propaganda Matrix
12.  The Super Unknown

      Chemtrails ?  Contrails ?   :  A government conspiracy ?  Is the ozone being purposely depleted or are we being protected from the harmful effects of ozone depletion ?  Many, many questions and theories concerning this subject.


The Last Laugh

     There have been many (as you well know) self proclaimed prophets, doomsayers and chicken little's declaring all kinds of bunk and getting most of us all in an upset and uproar using their statistics, polls, false dreams and false visions.  By the way, who are the ones in these statistics/polls that "supposedly" speak for us all anyways?  I scoff at them. 

     Anyhow, they well know a lot of you are work work working away, not studying and are using this to their full advantage.  I know, I know.  You got to work.  You also have to educate yourself aside from having time for family and friends.  It is an absolute must that you do so and I cannot stress enough how important this really is and how it would benefit you in the long run.  Now I don't mean you should up and quit your job and start going to college or lock yourself away in a room. 

     You can find the answers to your questions and curiosity.  The information is available and trust me, you can get it for free. You just got to know where to look.  Please support your local library and by all means, ask questions and for help!  All you have to do is take an hour or two and start chipping away little by little day by day.  Start with one subject then move on to the next.  If you feel you can tackle two subjects at one time, by all means give it a go.  You may have to spend a small amount of money and time here and there but it's worth it.

     Back to the subject at hand.  Y2K.  A hoax.  And many of you fell for it.  I didn't own a computer but I did acquire computer knowledge way before the year 2000.  At the time this was all going down I told my neighbors not to worry.  It's a bunch of hype and bull the media was shoveling into their faces. In the meantime, business was good.  People were buying generators, seeds, extra blankets, flashlights, etc.  Any type of item to be used for survival was being bought and sold.  Computers didn't crash, my calculator still worked, we didn't have a nuclear meltdown and business owners were laughing all the way to the bank.  How many of you are really pissed right now and didn't cash in on the cow?

      What I'm trying to get at and say is that all these jokers are going around saying the sky is falling when it isn't.  It will one day, but in The Almighty's timing and not mans.  He is the one that knows the time clock.  Most are paying more attention to the false prophets, self-proclaimers, new agers, Mayan calendar.  The world didn't end in 2012 by the way, save your money for a rainy day and most are still looking for an anti-christ figure in which they change their minds on a consistant basis since they are wrong to begin with and aren't looking for thee final sign before the proverbial sh*t hits the fan.  The rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem and the appearance of the two witnesses which is the beginning of the end.  We still have WW3/Armageddon to deal with afterwards and the Gog/Magog War is a long way off but close as well.  Really folks, let's get real here.  Start studying, searching, thinking and asking. 

     Anyhow, I get into more detail within my bible prophecy section.   When all is said and done and there is nothing left to go on other than the bible and history itself (both past, present, and future); The Almighty is going to have the last laugh and it's going to be a loud, slap the knees, point the finger while holding onto oneself, hysterical type of laugh.  You were warned ahead of time.

     HOLY :  Honor Our Loving Yahweh El Shaddai
     BIBLE :  Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

     Yes; the joke is more so on the non-believers, the deceivers and the manipulators and perverters of the truth.