Perspectives and views on various biblical topics

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  2.  The Pure Religion
  3.  The Sacred Name of God Almighty
  4.  The True Name of The Messiah
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  7.  What day is the Sabbath ?
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14.  Tithing - "Fleecing of the Flock"
15.  The Lucifer Hoax
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17.  School Called Life by Yvonne Kariba
18.  The Synagogue of Satan
19.  Jezebel
20.  The Jezebel Spirit


The Sabbath Day - The seventh day of the week and the day of rest.

     What day is the Sabbath ?  What day did God Almighty rest on and what day was represented and written into stone as one of the ten commandments ?

     Answer :  From the setting of the sun on Friday to the setting of the sun on Saturday.

     The Hebrew people (also known as the Jewish people) have kept this on record since the days of Adam.  They should know for they are the chosen ones of God Almighty and have kept a record of it along with God Almighty's word.  It is a commandment, not a mark.

     Friday night to Saturday night is the Sabbath day and has not ever changed for God Almighty does not change his word concerning the Sabbath.  It is the seventh day of the week and is a day of rest.

     One can choose to worship any day of the week or every day for that matter but the Sabbath is reserved as a resting and rejuvenating period.  What part of what God Almighty states concerning the Sabbath and rest does those of organized religion do not understand ?

     Ask any modern day Jew and they will tell you what the real Sabbath day is which is also known as The Lord's Day meaning (Yahweh El Shaddai's Day).

     Saturday night to Sunday night is the first day of the week and not the Sabbath day.  A falsehood instituted by the church of men and not instituted by God Almighty.

     I would also like to make mention that the word Sabbath appears 137 times in 116 verses in the bible and not one of them specifically states that we are to go and worship specifically on the Sabbath day which is another falsehood instituted by men of organized religion.

     It ticks me off to no end on how the Religious Reich is fooling people on a consistent basis with no basis of truth and telling outright lies.

     Do a study on it and you will find this out to be true.