Guidance concerning mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.

    You are where you are and your life is the way it is because you chose it to be.  There are, however, extenuating circumstances beyond reasonable control within a certain percentage of some peoples lives that need help.  Those who do not fall within the extenuating circumstance have no excuse and need to stop making excuses and start being responsible for their own lives and actions in what they have done to themselves and others.  Quit expecting others to clean up the mess that you yourself made and clean it up yourself.  You can always make a change for the better and there is help available where needed.  Ask, Seek, Knock.

    Might I also add that if anyone comes to mind be it past or present, pray for their well being and that they are guided, protected and loved no matter what they have or have not done to or for you aside from praying for yourself, your loved ones, etc.

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3.  Top ten ways to build a positive attitude.
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5.  The Art of Planning Goals.
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7.  Meditation 
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SongOvercomer by Mandisa

The Art of Planning Goals

     Planning goals isn't all that hard although achieving them can be a tad frustrating.  Goal making will help one to focus on what one wants to achieve in life; when written down it is in a tangible format and one can focus and plan accordingly by referring to the list and making plans to start the steps to achieve what one wants to attain.

     If one wants to attain an education and graduate, get a job, have financial freedom, buy a house, buy a car, write a book, or anything of one's own choosing; one should plan and then set specific goals that caters to what one desires to attain.
     I highly recommend keeping a journal / diary and write all one experiences in life along with planning your goals.  Taking and keeping notes is of the upmost importance, especially if it is of inspiration or from an outside source.
     Making a specific outline to any goal is also quite helpful and useful and is a very handy tool not limited to planning goals in and of itself.

     Expect set backs and obstacles which will make one frustrated.  In the long run with patience and perseverance one should be able to achieve what one so desires and the joy of achieving a goal is well worth the effort.
     Do not set standards that one is unable to attain such as for example  "becoming a millionaire overnight within one month",  or be prepared to be fully disappointed. 

     There are four levels in making and setting goals :

          1.  Immediate goals -  this is where one writes down what is to be taken care of immediately be it washing the dirty laundry to balancing that bank account so that one can have more free time to focus on other pertinent goals and what needs to be attained through the short term to the long term.

          2.  Short term goals -  this is where one should plan as to what one needs to achieve in a short amount of time frame.  Usually within a 1 or 2 year time frame.

          3.  Mid-term goals -  this is where one should plan as to what one would like to achieve in a longer amount of time frame.  Allow for about 3 to 4 years.

          4.  Long term goals - this is where one should plan as to what one would like to achieve far in the future.  Usually within four years or more.

     I hope this little bit of information helps to any of those looking for a way to achieve what one is trying to attain.