Guidance concerning mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.

1.  Top ten ways to make smart choices.
2.  Top ten ways to gain, boost or maintain self esteem.
3.  Top ten ways to build a positive attitude.
4.  Top ten ways to resolve conflicts.
5.  The Art of Planning Goals.
6.  Some Words of Wisdom.
7.  Meditation
8.  School Called Life by Yvonne Kariba

SongOvercomer by Mandisa


Words of Wisdom

     The following are some words of wisdom that I find helpful, useful, and  worth saying to myself in my day to day living to help cope with any negativity, uneasiness, unhappiness, etc. aside from the bible and prayer.  Some of them you have already heard.  Repeat to yourself as often as necessary.

     I know that many of you are down and out, hopeless, in despair, poor, broke, broken-hearted, depressed, confused, angry and saying to yourselves that there is something amiss and there has got to be more to the picture. I've been there myself and I'm still working on my pursuit which is never ending. Faith in Almighty God, prayer, hope, charity, patience and belief in oneself so that one is able to attain the desires of ones heart is but a part of the formula.

     Another part of the formula is that you'll have to look at yourself in the mirror and evaluate. You'll then have to go to God Almighty and ask for forgiveness, then forgive yourself and then forgive others. You'll have to start making plans and goals for yourself; small steps can lead to great strides and it's the little things that kill. You'll have to be willing to search, study, take notes and work. You'll have to start taking action and be willing to step outside of the box. You'll have to solve the problem or problems with or without help.

     Solutions are available if one knows where to look or if one asks for help and guidance. You'll have to pray, focus, meditate, think and plan.

     I recommend keeping a journal; it'll help immensely and one will have to realize God isn't some genie where he waves a magic wand and poof things just magically appear or disappear overnight. It requires effort on your part and one should not go through life with tunnel vision. Open your eyes and look around yourself, above yourself, beneath yourself and within yourself.

  1.  And this too shall pass.
  2.  It get's better.
  3.  Be not anxious.
  4.  Today will be better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today.
  5.  It's not me it's them.
  6.  Forgive and Forget then move on.
  7.  Patience and hopefulness are virtues.  Be Patient and Hopeful.
  8.  God Almighty rewards those who stand with Him, are diligent and remain steadfast.
  9.  Plan and remain focused.
10.  Don't ever give up, always remain in hopeful expectation striving for the desire's of ones heart.
11.  Remember to pray and talk to God Almighty and read His words of wisdom in the Bible.
12.  Praise God by saying Hallelu-Yah three times a day.  Morning, Afternoon and Night.
13.  Change and Variety is a good thing instead of the same 'ol, same 'ol.
14.  Keep It Simple, Stupid or Keep it Stupid Simple. - The Kiss Rule.
15.  Don't worry, be happy.
16.  Be organized, have things in order and in their proper place.
17.  Cleanliness is next to Godliness.
18.  Get up off the couch, away from the television and go do something constructive.
19.  Living in a life filled with re-runs goes nowhere.  Get out of the spin zone and quit chasing your tail.
20.  Learning and self educating in any area of subject matter will improve oneself.
21.  Laziness is procrastination in hyper mode.
22.  Get away from it all, even if it is for only a half an hour.  Go for a walk, ride a bike.  It's free.
23.  Anytime of day to get away from it all is better than sitting around and feeling fuzzy and razzled.
24.  It's always good to rest and relax with no outside distractions or disturbances.
25.  Breath the air, feel the rain, smell the snow before it arrives and ride the wind.
26.  Puzzles, exercise and work will keep the mind in tune and alert.
27.  Vacations, even mini ones at home, are great ways for total rest and rejuvenation.
28.  Negatives can be turned into Positives.  Look for the good that can be done in a negative situation.
29.  Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing and lead to addiction.  Moderation is key.
30.  Gluttony can lead to self deficiency.  Proper eating habits have long term benefits.
31.  Fads are here today gone tomorrow and one can become a victim if not careful.
32.  Gardening and outdoor landscaping is one of many hobbies that is awesome.
33.  To open ones mouth and communicate clearly and be understood is self expression of one's thoughts and emotions.  Know when to speak and know when to keep quiet and listen. 
34.  Haste makes waste.  Where's the fire ??
35.  Don't put all your eggs in one basket; have a plan b, c, etc.
36.  Giving and helping without expecting anything in return is a sign of Godliness and Virtue.
37.  Living to impress someone or a group is a sign of neediness to feel validated.  Just be yourself.
38.  To be safe will prevent being sorry later.
39.  The early bird gets the worm.
40.  If you fail to plan you plan to fail.
41.  Get 'er done !  :)
42.  Laughter is the best medicine.
43.  Got a question ?  Search for the solution or ask someone who might know.
44.  It takes time for wounds to heal; be it mental, physical, emotional or spiritual.
45.  Reflecting, when used properly, is a good thing.
46.  Do what is right and what is best and you can't go wrong.
47.  Failure is not an option.
48.  Get your ducks in a row.
49.  Wait until the last minute and it will be your last minute.
50.  What are you waiting on ?  Get up and get moving !  Move it ! Move it ! Move it!
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