Guidance concerning mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.

1.  Top ten ways to make smart choices.
2.  Top ten ways to gain, boost or maintain self esteem.
3.  Top ten ways to build a positive attitude.
4.  Top ten ways to resolve conflicts.
5.  The Art of Planning Goals.
6.  Some Words of Wisdom.
7.  Meditation
8.  School Called Life by Yvonne Kariba

SongOvercomer by Mandisa


Top ten ways to make smart choices

  1.  Think before you act.

  2.  Ask others you respect for advice.

  3.  Be honest with yourself and others.

  4.  Know all your options and what is available.

  5.  Keep a clear head.

  6.  Gather all the facts.

  7.  Imagine (think about) the consequences of each choice.

  8.  Remember your values and goals.

  9.  Practice makes perfect.

10.  Don't give in to peer pressure.