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End of the world predictions

     People have gone insane trying to figure out when the world will end.  Many in the past as well as the present have stated when it will be and were or will be absolutely wrong and have or will have failed.  People following these false prophets have died; some have gone completely bonkers trying to get others to believe they know exactly when it will end and to follow them, still others have gone out and bought every type of survival gear one can imagine to weather out the coming impending doom or have given every thing they owned away.  What ever the case, DO NOT believe a word of it let alone whatever may be propagated on a repeated basis to get you brainwashed into believing them.  Keep up on your toes on world events, and mind you, not from a single source.

     In my prophecy section there are key points I will mention as to what to look for as well as study and keep on the lookout for.  Like I stated within the intro to this site, you don't have to believe me, but, you do have a choice to look at the situation within the world you live in.  No one person on this earth knows the exact time, day or hour.  They all are speculating and are making money on this speculation while at the same time keeping people in fear and ignorance.

     Everything within this website is free aside from a few areas where I'm trying to make an honest buck.  A good point to remember is that according to what is written in the bible, even the Son of God doesn't know when, only Almighty God knows himself.

The Disciples asked,

     Matthew 24 : 3     And he (Jesus) sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him  privately, saying, "Tell us, when shall these things be and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world ?"

      Jesus (Yahushua) replied,

     Matthew 24 : 36     "But of that day and hour knoweth no man no, not the angels in heaven but my Father only."  (The Father of course is Yahweh El Shaddai)

     The below mentioned among others not mentioned as of yet must be calling Jesus (Yahushua) a liar.  Whom are they to totally ignore the words that Jesus stated ?  Do they know something that Jesus doesn't ?  What makes them more knowing than Jesus or God Almighty himself ?  Why am I stating or doing this?  Because I actually care and don't want to see anyone else fall for the lies and deception put forth and propagated by mainstream media, religion, cults, conspiracy theorists and the like.

     Here are the two majors :

     False Prediction Number 1 :  May 21, 2011 - A christian religious cult is stating that the rapture will happen on this day and that the world will then burn with all those left behind.  I laughed hysterically when I heard this bunk.  These people actually believe this and are extremely arrogant.  Of course they put in a disclaimer that God may change his mind if it doesn't happen on this day and of course they say they have the biblical proof it will.  I listened and of course laughed some more.  Of all things this is being stated on radio publically.
     I also saw a billboard advertisement they had recently put up on a major high-way within my own home state advertising this bunk.

     Well it is now May 25, 2011.  We're still here and he's been wrong twice now.  He's still sticking it out stating that the whole world will soon be utterly destroyed on October 21 of this year.  I don't think I'll have anything to worry about due to this false prophet's (Mr. Camping's) track record.  Two Strikes and going for a third.  Look's like the Almighty is winning. I'll side with the Almighty and his Son instead of false prophets of doom any day of the week.

     False Prediction Number 2 :  December 21, 2012 - Major religions are in agreement along with those studying past soothsayers such as (Nostradamus) as well as new agers and off beat religions.  They state this is the day the world will end because the Mayan calendar says so.  Really?  I think it is the beginning of a new calendar cycle.  It's the end all right.  It is also the beginning of a new calendar.  No different than the one that hangs on your wall renewed each year.  Common sense anyone?

     Ok, December 23, 2012 as of this writing and the world hasn't ended according to the Mayan Calendar hoopla.  Looks like strike three.  Can we all start considering what has been written in the bible since the others have shown that they don't have a wing or a prayer to go on ??

     If I hear of any others I'll post them here.  If anyone else has, send me an e-mail and I'll post it.