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     Faith is being sure and positive.  Hope is expectation and anticipation.  Belief is receiving and accepting.  Knowledge is acquired information.  Wisdom is the applied use of knowledge with understanding.  Trust is having confidence in.  Searching is seeking to find or discover.  Diligence is not giving up, being persistent.  Discernment is perceiving and analyzing.  Judgment is a conclusion.  Reward is an award given for being obedient and mindful in regards to the specific Laws of the Universe.  Punishment is a penalty for being disobedient and ignorant for not regarding the specific Laws of the Universe.  Truth is Truth and it is what it is.  It is that simple and so it is.

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 What is being baptized with the Holy Spirit and with fire mean as spoken by John the Baptist ?

The Pure Religion

     The word "religion" is stated only five times within the bible.

     Once in the book of Acts 26 : 5, twice in the book of Galatians 1 : 13 - 14.
     Twice in the book of James 1 : 26 - 27.

     The Epistle of James was written and addressed to the twelve tribes scattered abroad.  This is not to say we can't learn from what is stated to the twelve tribes.

     I'm going to focus on James 1 : 27 since 1 : 26 obviously is in reference to Judaism.

     This verse is from the 1611 King James Authorized English Translation (this verse is not pulled out of context, it is a statement in which it therefore stands out on its own and speaks out).

     The following is stated by a Hebrew/Jew in which his religion, of course, was Judaism :

     James 1 : 27  "Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction [and] to keep himself unspotted from the world."

     There you have it.  The pure religion. 

     It isn't Judaism, Islam, Christianity, New Age, Witchcraft, Satanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, et cetera; with all of their different sects and denominations with their temples, churches, synagogues etc. of which I choose not to be a part of.

     While I'm on the subject of churches, there is no one "true church".  If you look up the word "church" in a greek concordance it is derived from the greek word "ekklesia"  which means body or assembly of believers not a "church" or "temple" or any other such institution.  The true body or assembly of believers does not belong to any one sect or denomination within  a certain "church", "temple" or any other type of cult or organization.

     I'm not anti-God.  In other words, I'm totally free from religious institutions including religion in any form (other than the pure religion) with their false dogmatic teachings, superstitions, lies and thievery.  The Bible isn't a religion, it's words of truth, experience and history written by men and women inspired by God Almighty via Spirit.  I have a brain and the Holy Spirit whom teaches and guides.  Need I say more?